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Tips to Restore Hair Back to Health

If you have dry or damaged hair as a result of colouring your hair, heat styling or even just from environmental factors taking their toll, then here are a few tips to help your hair get healthier and maybe even a bit longer too! 
  1. Avoid hair products that contain silicones - these mask the hair and ultimately are the cause of split ends. Opt for brands which use more natural ingredients. I like Phyto, Michael Van Clarke and my new favourite brand, Leonor Greyl.
  2. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, or twice if needed! This is key to restoring moisture back into the hair. My current favourite (pictured above) is the HER Trecento Treatment
  3. Use a Leave in Conditioner, especially when you don't have time for a treatment. I love the above leave in cream from Klorane. Applied whilst hair is still damp, this is packed with natural goodness and smells gorgeous too.
  4. Go au natural and avoid using heated appliances when possible and if you can't resist, then ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray.
  5. Cut back on styling products as using too many can cause product to build up. Instead opt for a nourishing styling creme or just one good quality product that suits your hair type. For me nothing beats the Leonor Greyl Styling Creme for Dry Hair.
I'm not an expert on this matter but I have definitely seen the benefits from following the above. Unfortunately it is not a quick fix but over time my once frazzled and dead looking hair now actually has less split ends, more movement and seems to be getting a little longer too!

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