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Back to Blogging and New Skincare Additions

So I have gone slightly awol recently when it comes to blogging, things have just got busy and then suddenly so much time has passed. My makeup and beauty hoarding of course has continued and I have so so much to blog about. To get me back into the swing of things I thought I would show you all some of my latest skincare additions.
Firstly, I have been test driving this Sancturary Leave on Exfoliating cream - think Liquid Gold or Pixi Tonic in a cream formula and well this is the result. So far I really am enjoying this, it doesn't sting like other chemical exfoliants and so it I think it would be great for those with sensitive skin. 

Next is latest cult product - Hydraluron. Made from Hyaluronic Acid this is the perfect pick me up for dehydrated skin. It's around £24.99 in Boots (although often on offer) and I think it just does as it says on the bottle whether it is used on regular basis or when having a skin SOS.

Finally, my latest love is from Transformulas, a brand which I am very new to myself and it is their Radiant Lift Mask* that has captured my heart. It is simply incredible, it makes hardly any mess and in 10 minutes I feel like I have had an hour long facial. My skin feels firmer, plumper, pore-less and it gives it a health glow! An all round winner.

Let me know if you have tried any of these or what you have been trying out this new year!

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