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New Skincare Additions

Over the last couple of months, this cold winter weather has leaded to me making a few changes to my skincare regime. I have introduced three new products all of which have some really lovely hydrating properties.

The first is a the Origins A Perfect World moisturiser, which is packed with antioxidants and White Tea. This helps combat the damage of free radicals and so can help the skin looking younger for longer. A great option if you are starting to think about anti-ageing products but perhaps don't actually need them just yet (lucky you!).

Next is Suti's Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil, which is suitable for all skin types. This has so many wonderful properties, it's hard to know where to begin. It can help to minimise wrinkles, reduce scarring as well as also prevent premature ageing. To use you simply apply a few drops to the face after cleansing and toning, either morning or night and rub into the face using an upwards movement. I love this especially for when I want to try a facial massage.

Finally is the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream, again this can be used morning or night and is suitable for all skin types. It's really lovely when used under your makeup and eye concealers and definitely one to not be without.

What new products have you been trying lately?

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Soap and Glory Face Balms

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory, from their body scrubs to body butters I can't say there is a product that I don't love. More recently, I have been trying some of their products for the face and I have been equally impressed.

The first is their Bright Here, Bright Now Instant Radiance Energy Boosting Balm, which can be used like a moisturiser or instead it can be mixed with makeup. It's great for making dull skin look more luminous, so a good for using the morning after the night before. I really like this and at £12, I think it's definitely reasonably priced, however if I am completely honest it does not quite match up to the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Next is Glow Job, which is probably my favourite of the two. This 'morning moisture flash' gives the complexion a gorgeous sunkissed look. You only need to apply a pea sized amount to the face and it can be used either on its own or under makeup. This is definitely great all year round either when your skin needs a boost in the winter, or if you already have a tan during this summer then this could be used instead of your usual foundation.

Have you tried either of these? What other Soap and Glory products would you recommend?

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Current Favourites

There are so many products that I'm loving at the moment and simply couldn't be without, so narrowing it down is always tricky...

 Firstly I have to mention the Origins Clear Improvement Mask, which has been an absolute lifesaver this winter. My skin has been so temperamental that this has really helped to balance the skin, especially mid-break out. 

Next is Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, which is literally THE best mascara I have tried in a while. So definitely a must-have for party season. 

I've also been enjoying Champney's Energising Lime Hydrating Body Gel. I find that this is really great to use ahead of a night out as you can guarantee your legs will look fabulous in your LBD. 

Last but not least is the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit. I use light to medium peach in the corrector and warm beige in the concealer. I find these are so great in the colder months at hiding those bags and dark circles, whether they be from too many Christmas parties, or if you simply struggle to wake up in the mornings. This combo will make you look like you have got your 8 hours in and nobody has to know!  

What products have you been loving lately?

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Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo & Conditioner

As you all probably know, I am really fussy when it comes to what products I use on my hair. I tend to steer away from products that are packed with silicones, parabens and sulphates and so where possible I opt for natural and organic products.

Sometimes this can get pricey but one range I do like that doesn't have to break the bank is The Body Shop Radiance Eclat Shampoo and Conditioner. With continued use and a weekly treatment, this duo will keep your hair shiny and nourished, especially if you have coloured or over-processed hair.

Let me know if you too have tried these or which hair products you would recommend...

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Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF50

Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you can skip your daily SPF. This year my go-to product has to be the Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF15+.

Blended with Mango Seed Butter, Pomegranate and other powerful antioxidants, this offers broad spectrum protection against UV damage as well as protecting the skin from free radical aggression. Also, unlike other SPF's, this has a non-whitening formula, which leaves the skin soft, smooth and looking youthful.

I apply this each morning after cleansing and before my usual moisturiser, it's very nourishing on the skin, which is great for the colder months and it is suitable for all skin types. I'd always recommend using a SPF alongside your moisturiser, even if said moisturiser or even your foundation claims to have SPF protection as by doing so you can guarantee you are protecting your skin as much as possible. After all prevention is always better then cure right?

Let me know what you think about SPF's and if you have a favourite?

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Tips to Restore Hair Back to Health

If you have dry or damaged hair as a result of colouring your hair, heat styling or even just from environmental factors taking their toll, then here are a few tips to help your hair get healthier and maybe even a bit longer too! 
  1. Avoid hair products that contain silicones - these mask the hair and ultimately are the cause of split ends. Opt for brands which use more natural ingredients. I like Phyto, Michael Van Clarke and my new favourite brand, Leonor Greyl.
  2. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, or twice if needed! This is key to restoring moisture back into the hair. My current favourite (pictured above) is the HER Trecento Treatment
  3. Use a Leave in Conditioner, especially when you don't have time for a treatment. I love the above leave in cream from Klorane. Applied whilst hair is still damp, this is packed with natural goodness and smells gorgeous too.
  4. Go au natural and avoid using heated appliances when possible and if you can't resist, then ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray.
  5. Cut back on styling products as using too many can cause product to build up. Instead opt for a nourishing styling creme or just one good quality product that suits your hair type. For me nothing beats the Leonor Greyl Styling Creme for Dry Hair.
I'm not an expert on this matter but I have definitely seen the benefits from following the above. Unfortunately it is not a quick fix but over time my once frazzled and dead looking hair now actually has less split ends, more movement and seems to be getting a little longer too!

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Beauty Shopping...

I haven't written any blog posts for a while, there hasn't been a particular reason as to why, just the usual but that's another story. But don't worry, the constant beauty chatter, the regular visits to Space NK and getting carried away with a glitter eyeshadow palette on a Monday morning certainly have not stopped...  Anyway to get back into the swing of things, I thought I would share a few recent purchases to let you all know that I am still alive, I am still spending excessive amounts on makeup and skincare and well quite simply to get my little beauty blog back to business.

Sephora Haul

So is it to normal to pick your holiday destinations on the basis of whether or not there is a Sephora in the area? Probably not, but then again if you are reading this then I am hoping we are somewhat on the same level. With Sephora being the ultimate shopping destination for all beauty junkies alike, when we arrived in Paris, I made sure it was one of our first destinations. 
What has always impressed me with Sephora is there own line of products. The range is huge with loads of formulas and colours to choose from and all at reasonable prices. I have bought a lot from them over the years and can admit I have always been impressed.

Parisian Skincare Cult Products

Soooo I went to Paris, we went to City Pharma and I bought lots of skincare (shame on me).
This time round I stuck to the essentials, the products I knew I had to get. But maybe next time I will try some products I know a little less about and see what I come across. 

ANYWAY before I start to ramble, my purchases  included my can't be without  La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo- available in Boots, I know. But it's so much cheaper in France!?  Then of course  I had to stock up on some Bioderma Micellar Water, I say no more.  Next up  was the Nuxe Rive de Miel Lip balm because I definitely needed  more lip balm. Ok I definitely didn't need more lip balm but again, this was so much cheaper in comparison to  UK prices. I also picked up the Embryolisse Hydra-Masque, which is a very lovely hydrating face mask. La Roche Posay's Serozinc was another item on my list, which I am very happy with as it is very light, refreshing and hydrating on the skin- definitely something I would recommend purchasing. The Lierac Dark Circle Correcting Cream Eye Contour was more of an impulse buy as this little product promises to both conceal and diminish the appearance of dark circles and shadows and I so far, so good! Then last but not least, I grabbed these super handy mini Bioderma Hand Creams, with three in a pack you can't go wrong- one for your handbag, one for your desk and one at home.

I am planning my next trip back already...

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*PR Sample

The New MUST-HAVE Radiance Boosting, Skin Correcting Wonder Product...

Clarins really never do disappoint and they have done it yet again. With what has become another fabulous must-have product; the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base* in 'champagne' works to illuminate and correct the skin tone. Helping to create a flawless finish without much fuss, this is a really fantastic base, which works very nicely under your foundation although it can be used alone also.

The 'Wet' brush

I don't think I ever written a post solely on a hairbrush until now... 
The 'Wet' brush* has quickly become one of my can't live without products as it detangles my thick, unruley hair in seconds and making all other hairbrushes seem simply useless. 
So wave goodbye to the old Tangle Teezer as I The 'Wet' Brush is on another level of amazing.

Get the glow without the fuss!

I have been really lazy recently when it comes to my fake tanning regime, which always results in same scenario; rushing frantically to get ready then shrieking at the sight of my pasty limbs. So my new found love and miracle product has to be the Caudalie Divine Legs (£26). This has been solving that post night-out panic whilst giving my skin a nice, instant touch of colour that is super easy to apply and doesn't leave any streaks. 

A lovely addition to this (if you are better prepared) is the Caudalie Divine Scrub (£21). This will give your tan an even better finish and may I just add that it smells absolutely dreamy.

Mark Hill MiracOILicious

I have such dry and damaged hair that haircare is probably what I invest most of my time and money on when it comes to beauty. I love a good splurge in Space NK but i have recently found that you don's always need to go for hair brands that break the bank...

The Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 minute miracle treatment (£7.99) is a 2 minute revitalizing treatment that helps reconstruct damaged hair in need of urgent repair. It has a blend of pure essential oils and natural plant extracts, which includes Morrocon Argan Oil. The rich formula helps infuse protein back into weakened hair, so that it is left feeling stronger and looking healthy and shinier!

The Mark Hill MiracOILicious is available in Boots stores and online and well what can I say, it is definitely worth a try!

Another hit from Clarins...

Clarins is easily one of my favourite brands and so it comes at no surprise that I have found yet another product from them that I love. For those of you who enjoy in over indulging when it comes to your bath time products then I strongly recommend you try out the Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin. 

More Empties..

I really enjoy writing about all the products I have used up. For someone like me that is on the verge of OCD it presents the opportunity to be out with the old and in with the new.
So recently I have managed to get through...

The Perfect Glow-Getter

If your skin, like mine is feeling dry and looking dull after the Winter months then I have the perfect solution for you. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector*, a water based moisturising highlighter best used before your foundation as a serious glow-getter. 


So recently I have been having a bit of a love affair with this little beautiful lipstick from Soap and Glory. SUPER-COLOUR FABULIPSTICK* in 'Blush Pink' has a really creamy consistency and gives a matte finish with great staying power. I hate to say it but it definitely gives that 'my lips but better' kinda colour and can I also mention that I love the uber chic packaging.
I just can't comprehend now why I ever spend so much on high-end lipsticks when at an affordable £9 this ticks all the boxes.

Back to Blogging and New Skincare Additions

So I have gone slightly awol recently when it comes to blogging, things have just got busy and then suddenly so much time has passed. My makeup and beauty hoarding of course has continued and I have so so much to blog about. To get me back into the swing of things I thought I would show you all some of my latest skincare additions.