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An Introduction to Sampar

 Sampar is a Cult Parisian Skincare brand that is completely up my street, from the packaging to the products themselves, I have been nothing but impressed. I had never heard of this brand until perhaps a couple of months ago and I well I am so glad that I have now as I have not stopped using the products that I am about to mention.

Sampar's ambition is to awaken the sleeping beauty in every woman, uncovering and revealing her natural allure with the help of their urban advance complex, which acts as a shield against pollution and whilst the products work to reactivate the skins vital functions.

Since discovering Sampar, I have been giving the above products a thorough test drive and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. The entire Sampar range is huge and there is definitely something for all skin types and there are certainly a few other products that I have got my eye on.

The first product which I would like to mention is the Sampar Glamour Shot*, which can be used in place of a liquid foundation. It is a transparent corrective fluid which minimises wrinkles and imperfections and is designed to be used before applying make up after moisturising, or as a touch up throughout the day. This is rather different to most other products that I have tried and so it took me a while to adjust to using this instead of my usual liquid foundation (it is not compatible to use alongside liquid foundation). However,  I am definitely a fan now as it feels much lighter and fresher on the skin, making it perfect for Summer and  I have also found it to minimise my pores really well.

The next product I have been using is the Sampar Equalising Foam Peel*, a unique peel which has no grains or colorants and is suitable for all skin types. I found this exfoliates the skin very gently yet efficiently and it really leaves my skin feeling brighter and more radiant. This product is only meant to be used twice a week and not to be applied around the eye contour. I must admit this could be my favourite product out of the three, but then again, I have really enjoyed using them all for different reasons so it is very hard to choose!

Third and finally is the Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask*, a really moisturising and hydrating overnight mask. What really drew me to this was the packaging and the applicator brush,  you can really see how much Sampar focus on their innovative product range and even their packaging, which is all very sleek and sophisticated.  The Sampar So Much to Dew* mask is to be applied after having cleansed the face and only a thin layer is needed. I have found this very effective and in the morning my skin has been feeling much softer and just in a better condition overall.

Let me know what you think or if you have also tried any Sampar products out. Otherwise do check Sampar out at the Marks and Spencer's Beauty Hall or at 

Lots of Love 

Phoebe x 

*PR Sample

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