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Why we should cut out Silicone based hair products.

Some of you beauty enthusiasts have probably already heard that silicone based hair products are damaging for the hair. I will admit  I was quite baffled when it came to the matter, but I have recently learnt that the best thing you can do for your hair is cut out silicone based products completely as they cosmetically disguise poor quality hair and simply accelerate its demise.

Last week as you may already know, I was very lucky to visit the Michael Van Clarke Salon in London (if you want to know more check out my previous post here). Whilst at the salon, a few fellow bloggers and I had an intimate chat with Michael himself about his 3" More Inches product range and hair care in general. This talk completely revolutionised the way I now look after my hair.

In order to make many shampoos and conditioners on the market today cost effective, 'cheap' ingredients are often added to make the price of the product lower for the consumer. This may sound great for our purses but it is certainly not good for our hair. The ingredient to avoid is Silicone but you will not often see silicone on the ingrediants list, so instead look out for any of the following: Dimethicone (usually the most common), Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol or Amodimethicone.

Michael explained a lot to us about hair care and of course his brilliant 3" More Inches range, he also explained a lot of the science behind hair products and did so in a way that made it really easy to understand. Ever since the meeting, I have been explaining haircare to friends and family in relation to skincare and makeup, as I think it is the easiest way to grasp the concept. We use skincare in hope of looking after our skin and improving it, whilst we use makeup to cover imperfections and give the allusion of fantastic looking skin, even though it is not helping our skin in the long term. This concept is similar for haircare, yet many of us would not think of it in that way. We expect our shampoo and conditioner to improve the health of our hair, yet this is not always the case. In fact the majority of haircare products could be considered as hair cosmetics as they are filled with silicones, which just make our hair appear shiner and healthier but in the long term cause split ends and breakage.

Michael explained that if you feel your hair at the root and then feel the same roots at the end, those with longer hair will notice the ends are less supple and have less mass. This is because hair shaft dries out and shrinks as it ages and so without effective treatment and care, hair loses structure quickly.
Hair ageing can also be accelerated by numerous factors, for instance aggressive heat styling, UV Light, Sea Water, Chlorine, poor quality products and chemical processes.

3" More Inches nourishes and protects, to delay the ageing process of the hair shaft and has a unique complex of naturally derived amino acids and rich cashmere proteins, which mimic the molecular structure of hair and can plug gaps in damaged hair shafts deep down to the core. 3" More Inches helps the hair to retain a protective moisture balance for strength and suppleness and slows further disintegration, keeping the hair younger, thicker and more supple. 3" More Inches is NOT a hair growth treatment, in fact Michael had little confidence in products which claim to do so. Instead it is a system of products, which repair the hair and strengthen it to become healthier, not split nor brittle and so can give the appearance of longer looking hair.

The truth is that silicone based products offer instant gratification, they are simply a quick fix. I have tried silicone free products in the past and although at first I did not like them, it was merely because I was seeing the real condition of my hair and not the silicone coated version. It takes time but I definitely think it is worth investing in good quality hair products, especially if you have damaged hair like I do. 

I have been using the 3" More Inches System* for a few weeks now and I am very impressed. 
I am certain I will be talking about the 3" More Inches range again very soon. I hope you have found this post useful and please leave a comment below or send me a tweet if you have any questions.

3 More Inches is available online at  and at Space NK.
*PR Sample

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