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The 4711 Nouveau Cologne

The 4711 Nouveau Cologne* range was created with ingredients to ensure calm relaxation and peace of mind.  I have been using this fragrance from the range as my day to day fragrance, which I spritz every morning before I leave the house, or even carry around with me all day in my handbag.

Why we should cut out Silicone based hair products.

Some of you beauty enthusiasts have probably already heard that silicone based hair products are damaging for the hair. I will admit  I was quite baffled when it came to the matter, but I have recently learnt that the best thing you can do for your hair is cut out silicone based products completely as they cosmetically disguise poor quality hair and simply accelerate its demise.

Last week as you may already know, I was very lucky to visit the Michael Van Clarke Salon in London (if you want to know more check out my previous post here). Whilst at the salon, a few fellow bloggers and I had an intimate chat with Michael himself about his 3" More Inches product range and hair care in general. This talk completely revolutionised the way I now look after my hair.

Michael Van Clarke Salon London

 Last week, I headed into London to visit the Michael Van Clarke Salon situated on Beaumont Street in Marylebone. The Michael Van Clarke Salon offers an array of services, from their signature Diamond Dry Cut™to hair colouring and styling and also beauty treatments such as facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures. I have been so excited to write this post after meeting Michael himself, seeing the salon and learning about the 3" More Inches range that Michael himself created. 

The whole experience was incredible and I have so much to tell you all...

PHYTOCIDRE: Phyto vinegar rinse

Phytocidre* by Phyto has been the latest addition to my haircare routine and it  keeps an old beauty secret in mind. This cider vinegar rinse neutralises limestone and eliminates impurities, which make the hair look dull and instead makes the hair softer and full and also adds shine.