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Repurchases: The Products I Love.

As I have been getting through so many products lately, I have really started to learn just what I really love and what in fact I am just not that bothered about. Here are 5 of my latest beauty repurchases, which I know will always have a place in my beauty cabinet.

Thierry Mulger Alien Fragrance
This bottle is actually refillable, so I had it refilled for the second time (it also works out cheaper to refil). This is definitely not everyones cup of tea but I think it is really different and I always love it in the colder months. This is a fragrance I will always come back to.

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Hand Cream
As soon as I first tried this I instantly fell in love. It is so rich and creamy and leaves your hands so moisturised and nourished. You don't need to keep reapplying it either as once a day is enough, it also leaves your hands smelling amazing all day.

Kérastase Nutri-Thermique Intensive Treatment
Kérastase products are so great and this treatment is just what my hair craves. It's expensive yes, but it does last ages as you only need the tiniest amount. A saviour for dry or damaged hair- it really nourishes the hair from within.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
This product is so hyped in the beauty community, this is actually my third tube now. I do really like it at the moment and I think everyone should definitely give it a go.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
I have lost count of how many times I have bought this... Does it work? The truth is I am not sure but I like to think that I am doing something to encourage my hair to grow some more. So for that reason alone, I know this won't be the last time I buy this!

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  1. Alien seems to have become really popular all of a sudden, I love the smell of it on other people but for some reason I always seem to forget how nice it is when I'm looking for a new fragrance, the refill idea is so good I wish other brands would offer it!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  2. I need that hair growth treatment!:(
    I wonder how much it costs..

  3. I am such of fan of la Roche-Posay products. Been really wanting to give this one a go.

  4. I love the Laura Mercier hand creams, currently using the fresh fig one and Kérastase products are fab too.

  5. Love these kind of posts, it really shows you like a product when you repurchase it again and again :)

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