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Manatomicals: Are you looking to get picked up?

I don't usually do posts on products for men but when I saw these hair and body washes from Manatomicals, I couldn't help but smile.  These Hair and Body washes from Manatomicals are in my eyes, both cheap and cheerful (a bargain at £2.79) and so I just don't think you can go wrong. There are four in the range to choose from and above is the Energy hair and body wash* and the Wake up hair and body wash. I really like the packaging and the minty scent of these- yes they may be for boys but that doesn't mean I don't get a sniff!

When I originally drafted this post, it turned into a long story of how my boyfriend simply is not as fascinated by products as me, so instead of me rambling on; the moral of the story is: do not give products to the boy to review for the blog because you don't get much more then a "yeah it's alright" *facepalm*.

So girls (or guys if you are reading this) apologies for the lack of detail in this post, although as far as body wash goes; these are pretty cool. Let me know what you think whether it be about the products or about how boys just don't understand our love for all things beauty.

There is also a full range of products for girls which are also fun and great value for money so check out! The Manatomicals and Anatomicals range is available from Boots stores nationwide and online.

*PR Sample

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