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Minnies Boutique Bristol Pop Up Shop Launch

This Friday, I started my weekend by popping down to Cabot Circus Bristol to have a sneak peak at the Minnies Boutique Pop up Shop before it opened to the public on Saturday. I was really impressed with the set up but in fact, slightly disappointed to know that it was only temporary but fingers crossed for the future! The selection at Minnies Boutique varied from casual day pieces to some truly glam Essex style party dresses. Minnies Boutique also stock their own merchandise such as hooded jumpers, dressing gowns and some really cute pyjamas- definitely must-haves for any huge TOWIE fan. In terms of beauty, Minnies Boutique also stock their own range of lashes which I would be really intrigued to try.  Sam and Billie were chatting us to all throughout the evening and they looked absolutely flawless-I couldn't help but notice their perfect, glowing skin. 

Overall, I had a lovely evening filled with champagne, cupcakes, clothes and a fab goodie bag- any girls ideal evening right? 
If you want to pop down to the Minnies Boutique pop up shop in Bristol for yourself, then your last chance to do so will be today (Sunday 3rd Feb). If you can't make it though, check out the Minnies Boutique site here or for future news and events you can check out the Cabot Circus site here

Hope you have all had a fab weekend! <3


  1. Oh wow, I'm so jealous! Amazing pictures lovely!!! They're so pretty... well I think so anyway :) xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. So jealous, I'm a huge TOWIE fan, love Billie's lipstick :-)