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Empties #5

Yet another empties post but what else would you expect from a beauty product enthusiast? So lets cut to the chase...

Lee Stafford Shine Spray
I adore Lee Stafford products but I found this to be a bit of a something of nothing. It smells really nicely but didn't really leave my hair looking any different so I won't be using this again in the future.

Clinique Mild Facial Soap
I wouldn't repurchase this, I found that ultimately it did not really do much for my skin at all. There are much better (and cheaper) alternatives on the market today.

Phyto Phytolisse Serum*
I really like Phyto hair products, they are made from natural ingrediants and I find them to be really effective especially with continuous use. I love that this doesn't leave the hair greasy as some hair serums do and so, I would definitely use this again. The only downside is that I did get through it rather quickly, although I do have a lot of hair!

Vita Liberata pHenommenal Tan* in Medium
When I first used the Vita Liberata pHennomenal tan I instantly fell in love, I adored the colour and the ease of application. However, I found that it didn't really last the full three weeks, and sometimes if you didn't fully prep the skin it could go patchy. I would have no qualms in using it again but for now I have a few other tans to trial. I would say I have had a positive experience overall with it but I have read very mixed reviews.

H20+ Sea Salt Body Wash* 
To me generally a body wash is a body wash but what I did love about this was the consistency and the smell. It is very different to my usual body wash choices but what I really liked is that it reminded me of the beach!

Phyto Phytokarite Deep Nourishing Brilliance Mask*
I had a real love-hate relationship with this hair mask at first. But after following the instructions word for word and with continued use, I really did see an improvement in the condition of my hair. I found that it didn't instantly make my hair shiner or glossier etc. but that is probably down to the fact that as it has no chemical nasties, it did not just coat my hair, instead I felt it was repairing it from within.

Sally Hanson Maxium Growth Cuticle & Nail Treatment
I found that this did do the trick when it came to looking after my cuticles and it is sold for a reasonable price. I would repurchase this although I would be inclined to try something different.

Phil Smith Curly Locks Curl Perfecting Spray*
I used this as a sort of heat protector/ styling spray although I found that it didn't really do much for my hair. Although it a really affordable range, I don't think I would repurchase this, or any other Phil Smith products for that matter.

Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Fragrance
I love Jo Malone. I already have repurchased this - need I say more?

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Perhaps my favourite body cream to date- it is uh-mazingg.

Let me know what you think and what other products you have been loving- it is Valentines day after all! Mwahhhh 


  1. I love emptied posts, their a quite way to read lots of mini reviews x

  2. Well done on finishing up all those products. It's so rewarding when you can chuck them all away!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. Lots of hair products! I'm very interested in the cuticle treatment. I want to give it a try.