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Trevor Sorbie Christmas Gift Idea

After having spent the the majority of today Christmas shopping, I am back with another Christmas gift idea for any beauty junkie friends or family members you may have.

The Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Striaghtened Mini Collection* would make such a lovely gift. It comes in lovely packaging and contains the absolute essentials for obtaining super sleek locks.

This Gift Set Contains:
Beautifully Straightened Protection Shampoo (250ml)
Beautifully Straightened Protection Conditioner (250ml)
Beautifully Straightened Protect, Flatten and Shine Spray (200ml)
Beautifully Straightened Smoothing Balm (100ml)

Having pretty dry hair myself; I am always all for products that help protect the hair against any heated appliances, so these products from Trevor Sorbie definitely get a big thumbs up from me! 

The Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Striaghtened Mini Collection* retails at £15 and is available in Boots.
Will you be giving this as a present this year? Or are there any Trevor Sorbie products on your Christmas Wish list? - Let me know!


  1. Hmmm...seems like a good gift idea. I'll go and check this out. I wanna see if it is really a good idea to give this as a gift to my girly friends.

  2. I have bum-length straight hair and use the Shine Spray. It's great!