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Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder mix

I have been trying out this Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder mix as a daily addition to my skincare regime. This serum and powder contains 5% vitamin C when mixed. You get a 10 day supply of this product which is said to improve the skin tone and texture and awakens radiance. I am going to keep this short; whilst this wasn't a bad product, I didn't really notice any difference in my skin. The only part I did like was that when used in the morning, it did really make me feel more awake (or at least subconsciously) and I assume this is down to the Vitamin C smell. I don't often write about products that I am disappointed with on here, I tend to just focus on the things that are really worth talking about, but as this is not my usual purchase, I thought I would share with you how I got on!

Have any of you guys tried this or anything similar? 

1 comment:

  1. Ive never tried anything like this. Id be interested to read your review.