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Tommy Girl: Eau De Prep

I first mentioned the Tommy Girl Eau de Prep on Instagram (my username is phoebe151) but I now feel that it definitely needed it own little post. This is one fragrance (of many- I know) that has been getting me through the last few months. It has a cool feel and creates both a floral and fruity scent. I love the packaging and can't help but keep using this more so recently as it makes a great fragrance for this transitional period. I must admit that I was really reaching for this throughout September - it seemed sort of relevant, what with it being the start of a new academic year- yes I probably should be reaching for books instead of um-ing and ah-ing over fragrance but hey.

I also have seen this on sale now in The Perfume Shop and in Debenhams (I think) so it is definitely worth a try.

1 comment:

  1. I want to give it a try since I love floral and fruity scent. But I guess samples first before buying it whole. And if I like it, I will include it in my collection =)