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Phyto Secret De Nuit

Secret De Nuit is a deep hair care treatment that hydrates and nourishes all hair types. It is especially ideal for those with extremely dry or damaged hair (yes, that would be me) as it contains regenerating and antioxidant botanical active ingredients which work on the hair throughout the night. It is also silicone and paraben free.

Ok so how is it used you ask? Simple, before bed apply a pea sized amount to towel-dried or dry hair. When applying it to the hair, pay special attention to the ends and make sure you avoid using it on the roots. Then comb through the hair to evenly distribute the product and that's it! Don't rinse out, just simply leave the product to work overnight et voila, style as usual the next morning and you are good to go.

I must admit, I wasn't too sure about the idea of this at first, as I have only had negative experiences in the past with these night time treatments. But with the Phyto Secret De Nuit, I honestly feel like it has had such a positive impact on my hair, and I am so happy that I didn't allow previous negative experiences with other products of this type to stop me from trying this one from Phyto.

I now wake up with my hair feeling much softer and so much more manageable- which for me, is pretty groundbreaking. On waking, my hair is usually on a whole other level of crazy/frizzy/wild and this definitely tames it- don't ask me how, but it works.

Secret De Nuit retails at £27.50 and is available from Selfridges, John Lewis & 
Will you guys be giving this a go? 

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