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Origins Spot Remover Pads

I was very kindly given these Origins Spot Remover pads by the lovely Serenity of Beauty. I am a little late on reviewing these, but I thought I'd add my opinion on this muchly talked about product anyway. These ache treatment pads contain Salicylic Acid, Clove and Oregano which is supposed to instantly unclog pores and clear blemishes whilst also minimising excess oil and debris to prevent future breakouts and blackheads. You use the pads am and pm after cleansing and simply sweep the pads over the affected areas.

My skin often gets random breakouts and just as I received this, my skin had just got broken out; not normally something I'm happy about but it did mean I could get some use out of these.  Unfortunately, it's not good news I'm afraid... I don't think these really did anything to help my skin whatsoever and in fact, I'm pretty relieved that I hadn't spent my own money on these, otherwise I would have been really disappointed.

On a more positive note, I have heard that some of the other products in this range are absolutely brilliant and a little cheaper then the pads which retail at around £20, so that may be something to look into in the future. But for now, when it comes to those pesky breakouts quite frankly, I'd rather reach for the Sudocream!

Who else has tried these? How did you get on- please leave a comment or tweet me to let me know!


  1. These sound gorgeous but the £20 price tag is slightly too hefty for me :(



    Em's Mixed Bag

  2. This is the first negative review I've seen on those and I have to say I don't get the concept of theSe! They're claiming it helps with breakout but I wouldn't want to rub this all over my face cause I think it would very drying, but at the same time the pads are too big to just put thmem on the odd spot? Makes no sense to me at all!
    Followed you, you have a lovely blog! xx

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