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Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Moisture Bodybalm

I love Molton Brown products; I think they are the ultimate treat. I have used their hand creams, their bath products and haircare and have never been disappointed.  I've recently started using this Blissful Templetree Moisture Bodybalm and well, if you are a fan of Molton Brown products then you may just love this too.  It helps to soothe and deeply hydrate the skin and it contains skin-conditioning algae extracts and moisturising coconut oil. At £18 it is on the pricer side of your average moisturiser, but like I said, it definitely makes a nice treat.  Perhaps it is something to add to your Christmas wishlist- that's when I get the majority of my Molton Brown products!

Have you got any favourite Molton Brown products that you would recommend? Let me know!

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