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My love for skincare has really taken over lately and so I'm pretty excited to tell you about my experience with the GLAMGLOW face mask.  Prior to trying this product I had heard some truly fabulous things about this little jar and with its cult celeb following and it claiming to give you that 'Hollywood Glow', I simply could not wait to slather this all over my face.

According to GLAMGLOW 'This is a Hollywood miracle product, a ‘facial in a jar’ that delivers everything you need for great skin, whatever your skin type. Used behind-the-scenes in Hollywood’s entertainment business, it was designed to create perfect, camera-ready skin in minutes.'

It’s a very grainy like formula and feels almost like a facial scrub. To apply, you simply smooth it on to the skin and wait for around 15 minutes before washing it off. It's a rather interesting shade of green, although the colour actually change as it dries. It also becomes practically impossible to make the slightest facial expression whilst you have it on- how VERY Hollywood! 

So how did I really get on? Well, the first time I used it, I found the tingling sensation almost unbearable and I am not usually one to complain. However, a couple of weeks later when my skin was feeling really congested, I decided to use GLAMGLOW once again and luckily, I had no problems with the tingling. I'm still not entirely sure what caused it to react differently in terms of the tingling sensation - but perhaps this alters for everyone. However, on both applications there really was no denying that my skin was left looking amazing. In an instant my skin had a completely different texture. It was smooth, soft, brighter, even, clear and radiant.... ok the list could go on. But it was definitely goodbye to my 'bad skin day' and well just to get the point across, the results were simply outstanding. 

GLAMGLOW retails for £49.99, which may seem like a lot but it really does seem to be a skin saviour. I don't think it would be something I'd use on a regular basis but instead, I think I'd save it for when my skin really needed a pick me up or for special occasions- it would definitely be perfect for the Christmas party season.

You can check out the GLAMGLOW site here for more information and you can also purchase smaller samples to try the mask before you commit to the full size.

It is also available in store at Selfridges and Space NK.

So what do you all think!? 

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