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Belle Gel Starter Kit

Over the weekend, a friend and I decided to experiment with the Belle Gel starter kit. We both love going to the salon to get our nails done professionally but more often then not, that tends to be a luxury that time doesn't always permit. So with the possibility of achieving a salon look in the comfort of your own home (I recommend in front of the TV on a Sunday night) who could resist.

In the Belle Gel starter kit you get everything you need to achieve both a long lasting and pretty manicure (or pedicure I assume!?) and the instructions are really easy to follow. You simply prep the nails, followed by a couple of layers of gel, let it dry under the light, add a top coat et voila!

There are lots of colours to choose from in the Belle Gel range but to start with we opted for Midnight Blue and Red Red. One set took roughly just over one hour, however, I am sure that with practice, the whole process would speed up.

It is also worth mentioning that you should be generous when applying the gel as you can see below on our first attempt some of the colour shrinked back. But with another layer this quickly was fixed - phew!

So below is how our first attempt went, I wouldn't say it's completely perfect but it is definitely not bad considering we had never used this type of kit at home.
Second time around, application already seemed easier and we avoided making the same mistakes, overall resulting in a slightly better finish.

A few days on and our manicures are still glossy and in tact. If they last a full two weeks then I'd happily dedicate an hour or so of my time and stick to using the Belle Gel kit. They are not damaging for the nails and contain no harmful ingredients such as Toulene and in fact, you can just wear the clear gel and this will strengthen and help the nails to grow. At £59.95 this may seem like quite the commitment, but I really think if you are willing to practice applying them and spending a little time on the application it is worth it - I mean how many of us live constantly changing our regular nail polishes due to chips. And of course in the long run; it is definitely cheaper then going to the Salon every couple of weeks.  

Will this be added to your Christmas wish list?

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  1. The initial price of 59.95 for the starter kit is an excellent investment. I use the clear gel, which I reapply every 2 and a half to 3 weeks. Ordering additional pots of clear gel costs about £12 a pot, so my manicure in total costs about £3 in total. Previously I was paying £38 per gel manicure at a local salon, so quite a saving.
    But for me the real value of this product is that I can use it at home, when I want to, without waiting for an appointment. Great product.