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Zaggora Capri Hotpants 2.0

Time for another Lifestyle post and sadly for now, things have quietened down on the traveling front. I am however, trying to get back into my old regular exercise routine, so it seems like the ideal time to tell you all about my love for Zaggora Hotpants. Those who know me, know that I heavily rely on my Zaggora Hotpants whilst working out and in fact, I just could not be without them. I have followed Zaggora, creators of the famous technology enhanced hot pants, since their inception and it is so amazing to see how successful the brand has quickly become.

I recently switched up my original Hotpants for the the updated Zaggora Capri Hotpants 2.0 and yet again, I must say that I am very impressed.  I love my original Zaggora Hotpants dearly and use them religiously but I have found that the updated Zaggora Hotpants are more comfortable  (not that the originals are uncomfortable) and they feel lighter to wear. They are still just as effective as the originals and are still embedded with the unique celu-lite technology which increases core temperature to promote greater calorie burn. I also must add that I definitely prefer the longer capri style as opposed to the original shorter length, I find that they are generally more flattering. It's also worth mentioning that the sizing has changed in the 2.0 version of the Hotpants. In the originals I had a medium but my 2.0 are now a small - and that is down to the sizing guide not necessarily because of any change in weight.

After trying to take countless pictures of the hot pants and of me wearing them, I just couldn't get the item looking as clear as I would have liked. So instead, I have inserted an image from the Zaggora site- I hope you don't mind! 

At £65, I'll admit that these are expensive but I can assure that you'll definitely get your wear out of them. And actually, they will probably become the only thing that you will wear when working out. 
Oh I just love them- think of them as an investment piece if you must. There's also talk of an upper body range coming out- which I simply cannot wait for!

You can check out the Zaggora Hotpants 2.0 Capris here.

Who else loves Zaggora? Come on speak up! :) And if you have any more questions or would like me to do more detailed posts on how I get on with these then please let me know.


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