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He-Shi - The Tanning Essentials


I have been trying out some He-Shi Products this week, and so far, I must admit I'm impressed. The tan itself dries very quickly and the products are 100% alcohol and paraben free. This is also one of the few brands to only contain 100% natural DHA (active tanning ingredients). The range has been designed for both men and women, so guys, if you're reading- this one's for you too!
The He-Shi Essentials Bag contains three products designed to help you achieve the perfect tan.

He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash

This has to be my favorite product of all three- it smells of strawberries and is simply sensational. It leaves the skin incredibly smooth and soft which makes it perfect for prepping the skin before tanning. This can be used on the face and body, however, I'm quite fussy when it comes to products for the face so I initially only applied it on the body. After instantly falling in love with the product, I decided to take a leap of faith and I tried it out on my face. It was a decision that I don't regret and there was definitely a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin.

He-Shi Liquid Tan
It's fair to say that I have tried my fair share of fake tanning products but I have never come across a 'liquid' tan like this before. The easiest way to describe this is that it's like a tonic and so applying with a tanning mitt is vital to ensure that the product applies evenly. A few layers later (I know, I know) and there was no sign of any unwanted fake tan smell *hooray!* and there was an instant colour pay off.  After leaving the tan to develop overnight, I didn't really notice a great difference in the colour (this could be positive or negative depending on personal preference) and I could also smell the tan. Luckily, after showering the fake tan smell had gone and a very natural golden colour was left. I'd say that this is ideal for those who have fair skin or for those who want an everyday natural-looking glow.

He-Shi SoufflĂ© Moisturiser 
No tanning regime is complete without a moisturiser. The He-Shi Soufle Moisturizer is relatively light in consistency and also feels very refreshing on the skin. It contains some fantastic ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I don't love it as much as the Exfoliator but it does do it's job!

Overall, I'd highly rate the He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash and have been impressed with the ease of application of the He-Shi Liquid Tan. The He-Shi Essentials bag costs  £42.50, which I think is completely reasonable given the quality and size of the products. You can check out the He-Shi range online here.

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