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Apivita Haircare Review

This year I discovered the amazing Greek brand Apivita whilst on my travels. Fortunately for me, the brand is now available in the UK (Online and in the Marks and Spencer's beauty department) and after falling in love with their skincare, I've finally got round to trying their haircare products too.

Pictured above is the Propoline Shampoo with sunflower and honey for coloured hair and the Propoline Nourishing and Repairing Hair Mask with almond and honey for dry-dehydrated hair. The Propoline shampoo is designed to help preserve the hair colour whilst protecting it from solar radiation, the damaging effects of the environment and from styling products. It is meant to improve the texture of the hair and maintain its natural hydration and softness. The water in this formula has also been replaced by organic rosemary infusion which tones the hair. Then the mask works to help repair damaged hair in order to nourish and strengthen. It also protects the hair from split-ends and like the shampoo, it helps protect against any environmental aggressions and styling products.

I really like the packaging of this product but do be careful when using the shampoo as it is easy to pour out excess product. The most noticeable change in my hair has to be the improvement of split ends and that my hair is definitely looking a lot shinier too! These products definitely seem to be improving the condition of my hair, especially with continued use- so I will keep you posted!


  1. OOO I love their face masks so I might have to give the hair range a go


  2. ive never heard of this range but that brown bottle sucks me in (love packaging). i may have to check them out further! xxx