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Spa Find Balanced Beauty.

Spa Find Balanced Beauty - Calmit Extract is a crystal clear, natural, intensive treatment designed for oily and combination skin. It helps control blemished and imbalanced skin as it contains anti-bacterial Witch Hazel which is known to help with rebalancing the skin as well as stabilising skin that's particularly dull or excessively oily. Containing natural Harmonised Water and Padina Pavonica algae extract, it  also acts as an intensive anti-ageing facial treatment; repairing ageing skin whilst helping to promote an even skin tone.

Overall this product has very powerful natural anti-ageing, repairing and hydrating properties and this intensive treatment is ideal if you are prone to breakouts or have excessively oily skin. This product is for monthly use,  so every morning and evening for one week of every month, it is to be used under your moisturiser. For £29.50 you get a 3 month supply, so if you are on the look out for a intense treatment and fancy using luxury spa products in the comfort of your own home- then this is for you.
I can't get over how smooth it makes my skin feel! Find out more about this range here.

Let me know what you think, what treatments do you guys use when your skin is in need of a pick-me-up...


  1. I've not heard of this product yet. Can you please provide links of testimonies about this product? Thank you.

    1. Hey if you check out the above link it gives you all the info :) I really like it dues to start my second bottle next week :)

  2. Spa find balanced beauty is shown on the post here. Read all about it

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