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Ralph Lauren Big Pony Woman's Collection.

This Summer there has been no escaping the eye-catching Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection, which includes four different fragrances for women. Each bottle is a different, beautiful and bright colour and is also numbered from one to four. Each of the fragrances have a very distinct scent, the pink and purple fragrances in particular smell absolutely divine (as pictured above) and are my personal favourites. The key ingredients for the 'pink' fragrance is cranberry and tonka mousse which creates a sweet and fruity scent (if you are a fan of the famous Escada scent- then this is for you). The 'purple' scent on the other hand, gives off a much edgier and exotic fragrance with ingredients including wild cherry and purple amber. 

Overall, this collection gets a big thumbs up from me; the cute bright packaging and selection of refreshing scents are simply perfect for Summer... Let me know what you think!

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