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Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Review

Maybelline recently launched these 24hour Colour Tattoos, having picked up the shades On and on Bronze and Eternal Gold; I must say I am impressed. Maybelline are a great brand who show that you don't always have to fork out a lot of cash for a good quality product and at £4.99, it seems you just can't go wrong with these.

They can work for many different looks, for those 'cant be bothered' days- a sweep of this and you will be good to go, use under eyeshadow as a base or even build them up for an evening look.
These are so versatile that they can be used all year round, use them on their own in the Summer with a tan for a simply beautiful look or in Winter add darker shades of shadow for the perfect metallic smokey eye.

I haven't included a swatch (it's just a personal preference) but if you like anything shimmery, glittery or metallic; I highly urge you to check these out and test them for yourself.

Let me know what you think! 


  1. I always mean to get some cause i really want to know if they work for me. Eyeshadows like this usually crease on me...i would like to get them as a Eyeshadow base!
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  2. I absolutely ADORE these! I have them all except Eternal Gold but I'm lusting after it already, plus the American releases are so lovely too, it's a shame they aren't all sold over here. I never thought I could love a product so much but I use these daily without fail! Ali xx

  3. I love these and I have a few of them but for some reason some are easier to blend than others. Also they dry out pretty fast so make sure you close the lid tightly.

    Just found your blog through BBU blog hop, following :)

  4. OOOOoooooOOO They look fab!! classy blog
    I found you through BBU Blog Hop

  5. Cool!
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  6. Yeah i have seen these...would be great to use for a festival etc where u need extra staying power with your make up!!
    Found you via the BBU blog hop....followed ;)

  7. Love the Colour tattoo shadows esp the bronze one..unless they brought out new ones here in Canada its called Bad to the Bronze:)