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Instagram #5

1. Tapas night. 2. Elle, hot chocolate and blueberries- heaven! 3. Essie Love 4. Wagamamas- chicken katsu curry! 5. Love Tanya Burr's Elle Edit 6. Mussels at Cote. 7. Katy Perry lashes. 8. Creme Brûlée ice cream treat. 9. Amazing dessert at Cote. 10. I want this mirror! 11. London street art. 12. Eyeing up this cupcake in Topshop Oxford Circus.

Quite a foodie post hey but after being super busy recently, I have taken some time to indulge in some treats before September arrives and reality strikes.

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1 comment:

  1. That cupcake looks intense! :) I'm @janmiguel on Instagram and I'm following you on there now!