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An Ode to my Favourite Hand Cream

The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Hand Cream made it's first appearance in my Top Five Hand Creams post not too long ago and whilst it will be making a comeback in the upcoming August Favourites (shhh.. you're not meant to know that yet); quite frankly, I felt it just needed its very own post...

A hand cream should definitely be a part of everybody's beauty regime; whatever your age. Taking care of your hands is so important as your hands are often what will truly reflect any signs of ageing and when it comes to fighting ageing; prevention is always better then cure.

At £13 this is a pricier product but due to its rich formula, it's more then likely going to last a significant amount longer then any alternatives on the market. It keeps the skin soft and nourished for hours and the gorgeous scent lasts all day so there's no need to keep reapplying. A little definitely goes a long way. The packaging reflects the price, it is a luxury product after all and the bottle is simply perfect for your handbag but also will look lovely on your dresser, bedside table or work desk! 

The Laura Mercier Bath and Body range has a selection of scents, so if Creme Brulee isn't necessarily your thing, then don't worry as there are alternate scents. Wow, I am practically gushing over a hand cream *sighs* whatever next hey...

Next time you are out shopping why not test this out in Space NK or any department store which stocks Laura Mercier and let me know what you think... It was only after testing it for myself that I knew it had to be mine!


  1. ahhh I love this stuff so very, very much. It's delish x

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster award! xx