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Alpha H Liquid Gold

There has been a lot of hype in the blogsphere surrounding the Alpha H Liquid Gold and after much um-ing and ah-ing about this product, I took a leap of faith and decided to give it a go. After reading so many raves; I think my expectations were slightly unrealistic. I thought it would instantly fix each and every problem my skin had, simply after one use; a girl can dream.

Of course this wasn't quite the case and I am not saying that's a bad thing at all because lets face it; there never is a quick fix, especially if you want long lasting results. Instead, in my case I found that I needed to use Liquid Gold for a couple of weeks before I noticed it working its magic. Of course it will work differently for everyone; if you already have great skin you might notice an improvement very quickly and for those with more problematic skin; well it could take longer.

My skin does now feel firmer and any scars and marks that I previously had, seem to be disappearing- I know right?! The great news is that my skin has not  had any major break outs since using Liquid Gold, apart from one small spot that disappeared as quickly as it appeared after my Liquid Gold night and well, I don't know about you but I've never found another product that clears a blemish after just one application. This product does seem to have incredible pay off and I am pretty excited to see the difference in a couple of months as it seems to work better with continued use. 

Liquid Gold is applied with a cotton pad every other night after cleansing your face et voila that is it; no moisturiser or serum needed (it does take some getting use to). At around £30, it is more of a financial commitment in comparison to perhaps other skincare products you may be using but then again this could be exactly what your skin needs.

So I am currently excited for my Liquid Gold nights... What about you, have you invested in this too?


  1. I'm so glad you love Liquid Gold, as someone who as acne scarring i've never found a product that can get rid of them until I found Liquid Gold! It's my holy grail product for sure and I won't be without it! haha


  2. Agh, the never ending internal battle on wether or not to purchase it! Your review has just now leaned me closer to the 'Just buy it now and thank her later' side haha :) Great review!

    1. Hi hun! It really is proving to be a great product if your skin needs a treatment of this kind, it is pricey so try to think about if it will benefit your skin type :) and not to just follow the blog hype haha :) thanks for reading! x

  3. Every time I see a post about this I want it more and more, perhaps as a treat sometime soon..! xx

  4. oohh wish this has too here in Philippines.. I wanna try this too. Lovely post!

  5. I wasn't sure about this product myself. Seems pretty decent now though! Lovely blog by the way! x