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How to: Storing Makeup Brushes

I have been getting a little creative lately, so I thought I would share with you this really pretty and affordable way of storing your makeup brushes. I bought this stand/container/pot thing- whatever you want to call it, from Muji for only £5.50 and as for the pearls; well those were just from an old necklace of mine. So there you have it! A visually pleasing little thing don't you think? I think this just oozes parisian charm...

And as for the brushes (you didn't think I was going to forget those now did you?), well this is pretty much my entire brush collection; my ultimate essentials. My favourite brushes have to be the Real Techniques brushes for the face, yes we're talking the Stippling brush, and the Buffing brush (but I'm sure that's no surprise). And as for the eyes; well I love the MAC blending brush (217), pencil brush (219) and the small angled brush (266).

How do you store all your brushes? And which are your favourites? Let me know!

The Basics- Eye Care

For a long time I have been thinking about purchasing an eye cream, having never used one before and on a recent mission to improve the overall appearance of my skin; it now seemed like the perfect time to invest in one. I picked up this Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream from a small boutique which stocks lots of their skincare products near my home (although also available at Feel Unique). With natural ingredients and said to give the area a radiance boost, this seemed like the ideal first eye cream. I am only in my twenties after all, so I don't think I need any repairing eye treatments as such just yet!

If you were wondering why you should be using an eye cream, particularly if you already use a moisturiser on your face, well the answer is quite simple. The skin under your eyes is very delicate in comparison to the rest of the face, therefore meaning that you should be using a cream which is specifically designed for this area alone. It seems pretty obvious when you think about it but you'll be surprised to know how many people go without; I for one was one of them.

With regards to the Burt's Bees product itself, it has got a really nice scent and feels very soft and gentle on the skin, my eyes certainly feel brighter. With any eye cream be careful to only use the tiniest amount though as 'over creaming' the eye area, believe it or not is actually bad for the skin and can result in bags under the eyes.

The intention of this post isn't to sway you into buying this particular product but instead, to simply encourage you to consider adding something similar to your own skincare routine- if you haven't already! There seems to be a common misconception that these products are only for those who have problems with bags or dark circles or are more mature but whatever your age; prevention is always better then cure. This could help improve the appearance of your eye area now as well as in years to come. You can thank me later...

Instagram #5

1. Tapas night. 2. Elle, hot chocolate and blueberries- heaven! 3. Essie Love 4. Wagamamas- chicken katsu curry! 5. Love Tanya Burr's Elle Edit 6. Mussels at Cote. 7. Katy Perry lashes. 8. Creme Brûlée ice cream treat. 9. Amazing dessert at Cote. 10. I want this mirror! 11. London street art. 12. Eyeing up this cupcake in Topshop Oxford Circus.

Quite a foodie post hey but after being super busy recently, I have taken some time to indulge in some treats before September arrives and reality strikes.

If you like these posts find me on Instagram, my username is phoebe151

Alpha H Liquid Gold

There has been a lot of hype in the blogsphere surrounding the Alpha H Liquid Gold and after much um-ing and ah-ing about this product, I took a leap of faith and decided to give it a go. After reading so many raves; I think my expectations were slightly unrealistic. I thought it would instantly fix each and every problem my skin had, simply after one use; a girl can dream.

Of course this wasn't quite the case and I am not saying that's a bad thing at all because lets face it; there never is a quick fix, especially if you want long lasting results. Instead, in my case I found that I needed to use Liquid Gold for a couple of weeks before I noticed it working its magic. Of course it will work differently for everyone; if you already have great skin you might notice an improvement very quickly and for those with more problematic skin; well it could take longer.

My skin does now feel firmer and any scars and marks that I previously had, seem to be disappearing- I know right?! The great news is that my skin has not  had any major break outs since using Liquid Gold, apart from one small spot that disappeared as quickly as it appeared after my Liquid Gold night and well, I don't know about you but I've never found another product that clears a blemish after just one application. This product does seem to have incredible pay off and I am pretty excited to see the difference in a couple of months as it seems to work better with continued use. 

Liquid Gold is applied with a cotton pad every other night after cleansing your face et voila that is it; no moisturiser or serum needed (it does take some getting use to). At around £30, it is more of a financial commitment in comparison to perhaps other skincare products you may be using but then again this could be exactly what your skin needs.

So I am currently excited for my Liquid Gold nights... What about you, have you invested in this too?

An Ode to my Favourite Hand Cream

The Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Hand Cream made it's first appearance in my Top Five Hand Creams post not too long ago and whilst it will be making a comeback in the upcoming August Favourites (shhh.. you're not meant to know that yet); quite frankly, I felt it just needed its very own post...

A hand cream should definitely be a part of everybody's beauty regime; whatever your age. Taking care of your hands is so important as your hands are often what will truly reflect any signs of ageing and when it comes to fighting ageing; prevention is always better then cure.

At £13 this is a pricier product but due to its rich formula, it's more then likely going to last a significant amount longer then any alternatives on the market. It keeps the skin soft and nourished for hours and the gorgeous scent lasts all day so there's no need to keep reapplying. A little definitely goes a long way. The packaging reflects the price, it is a luxury product after all and the bottle is simply perfect for your handbag but also will look lovely on your dresser, bedside table or work desk! 

The Laura Mercier Bath and Body range has a selection of scents, so if Creme Brulee isn't necessarily your thing, then don't worry as there are alternate scents. Wow, I am practically gushing over a hand cream *sighs* whatever next hey...

Next time you are out shopping why not test this out in Space NK or any department store which stocks Laura Mercier and let me know what you think... It was only after testing it for myself that I knew it had to be mine!

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Woman's Collection.

This Summer there has been no escaping the eye-catching Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection, which includes four different fragrances for women. Each bottle is a different, beautiful and bright colour and is also numbered from one to four. Each of the fragrances have a very distinct scent, the pink and purple fragrances in particular smell absolutely divine (as pictured above) and are my personal favourites. The key ingredients for the 'pink' fragrance is cranberry and tonka mousse which creates a sweet and fruity scent (if you are a fan of the famous Escada scent- then this is for you). The 'purple' scent on the other hand, gives off a much edgier and exotic fragrance with ingredients including wild cherry and purple amber. 

Overall, this collection gets a big thumbs up from me; the cute bright packaging and selection of refreshing scents are simply perfect for Summer... Let me know what you think!

A/W12 Trend: Berry Tones

London Fashion Week is less then a month away and whilst we prepare to swoon over what will be the next upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2012, a dedicated post on some of this season's upcoming makeup trends seemed highly relevant. Earlier on this year, we saw London Fashion Week showcase an array of some magnificent and revolutionary beauty looks for Autumn/Winter 2012. Whilst we all remember THOSE Chanel embellished brows, one of the more 'wearable' beauty looks for this season definitely has to be berry toned lips.

Deep berry and purple hues on the lips will give this Autumn/Winter a touch of gothic flavour; think glamour meets grunge. Seen on the catwalk from Etro to Gucci, this is a trend that you won't be able to escape this season. This trend is very versatile and can be encompassed in many other looks this season. Try adding a berry lip to a bare-faced look for sophisticated glamour, I reccomend using a lipliner for precision; I like MAC's Burgundy lip pencil. Or instead capture two trends at once and combine this lip colour with an edgy and worn makeup look by adding a smokey eye and lashings of mascara; perfect for an evening grunge inspired look. This grunge look is ideal for those who don't have enough time to spend on perfecting your pout as when it comes to application, like a red lip, a berry lip can be tricky to apply.

For the look below I have applied Sephora's own Lipstick in Bewitch Me (pictured below), lots of mascara and eyeliner to create a smouldering smokey eye.


If lipstick isn't your thing, how about this polish from Nails Inc in Savile Row; the perfect shade of plum- it's my current favourite polish.

Will you be giving this trend a go? Let me know what you think and if you would like to see a video with more products that can be used to create this look then let me know! 

Instagram #4

1. Love this lego Royal Wedding display. 2. Obsessed with Essie's Neo-whimsical! 3. Home sweet home. 4. Love this new fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger. 5. My cherished Illamasqua polish in Grab. 6. London Bolt- Brick Lane. 7. Bubbles!! 8. Mini Nails Inc Collection. 9. Hot Chocolate indulgance. 10. Being a complete dork with the best friend...

So I am still pretty obsessed with Instagram at the moment! This week this post seems to heavily include different nail varnishes as I have been stepping out of my Essie comfort zone, it make a change I know! Other then that just being generally nerdy seems to be the theme for the week, bubbles and funny glasses; easily entertained right...

See No Evil 2012 Bristol Event

So this is not my usual post but I thought it would make an interesting change. Bristol, as many of you may know is famous for its street art and last week saw the return of See no Evil; the event where artists from all over the world create a huge outdoor gallery on Nelson Street.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event with the artists at Shanghai Nights, (also located on Nelson Street) a gorgeous restaurant and Karaoke bar; definitely worth a visit if you are in the area or passing by to admire the See No Evil work. 

Below you can see pictures from the night as well as the artists demonstrating their talents whilst drawing on some canvases- these are up for grabs if you follow Shanghai Nights on Twitter.
On meeting the artists, it's evident that this is really a lot more than 'just graffiti'; this is the result of hard work and very long hours. Overall it seems like the whole weekend was a huge success. Let me know what you think, have you been down to see the art yet? 

-do you like my 'Feebo' tag!?

Illamasqua Loose Powder

On a recent trip to the Illamasqua stand-alone store in London, I picked up this loose powder in the shade LP-205. This powder leaves a matte finish and it is the perfect solution to keeping your makeup firmly in place all day long. 

There are lots of colours available in the range to match different skin tones as well as a translucent shade which of course can be used by all. I find that this powder perfectly sets makeup whilst preventing unwanted shine, it also seems to even out the appearance of the skin. It is certainly the final step in achieving a flawless finish and it also works well as an added touch of coverage on those 'barely there' makeup days... 

The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and the powder itself is very fine, yet incredibly soft; exactly the quality you would expect from a high-end beauty brand. At £19.50, this seems a reasonable price to pay for a product that you will probably use most days and that will last a considerably long time; 6 months+ perhaps.

Have you explored your nearest Illamasqua counter? What about loose powders are they an all time beauty must-have? Let me know! 

Let' Go lashes! plus GIVEAWAY.

In the last couple of years, ok lets basically call it the Towie effect, false lashes have become a complete necessity to many out there. I love the way they look but to be quite frank; when it comes to application, I'm the girl that has them hanging off my eyes *cringe*. 

However, this week my faith has been restored as I have been using these Let's go Lashes used by Celebrity Make-Up Artist Jackie Tyson. Jackie has worked with A-listers including Sienna Miller and Katy Perry and often uses Lets Go Lashes on her clients (well if it's good enough for them...).

With four collections to choose from; Flirt, Heartbreaker, Tease and Temptress choosing your lashes couldn't be easier, if you are looking for the more au-naturel look or something more dramatic there is something for everyone. Aside the great selection, these really are so easy to apply. Anyway so above you can see a few that I have been trying- I love the packaging and the fact that they come in a case too. In the picture above I am wearing Flirt 1.

These lashes start from £8.95 but they definitely are reuseable so I think this is money well spent if you are big on eyelashes... for more info check out the Let's go lashes site here.                                                       

GIVEAWAY: Ok so! I would love one of my readers to try  these out for themseleves so I am giving away a set of lashes away for you to try. I'd realy appreciate it if you follow my blog as it is meant to be for a reader but as it is only a mini-giveaway it will be hosted on Twitter with a very standard follow and RT- simple! -Good luck!

Spanish treasures

 Earlier on this year I spent some time travelling the south of Spain, beaches and bikini's aside; there really were some beautiful spots to explore. It is often a big misconception that Spain is just another typical Brit holiday destination but in actual fact there are some gorgeous places to be visited and tonnes of authentic spanish culture to absorb in the not so obvious places. Take these photos for instance, aside the beautiful blue sky, the views are simply spectacular.

After all there is more to life then lipstick right!?

(Pictures taken in Jaen and Granada)

Instagram #3 - #Truffling

1. Leaving The Soho Collective always made me smile. 2. Surprise Hummingbird cupcake delivery-yum. 3. A trip to the Vogue House. 4. Coffee and Cake became quite the regular. 5. We LOVE our neighbour Splended shakes 6. #EverydayI'mTruffling. 7. Enter The Soho Collective here... 8. Always a great atmosphere in London. 9. Me and @dboydwaters couldn't stop talking about 50 Shades... 10. I appreciated my view of David Gandy very much- thanks Ellie! 11. Did I mention La Bodega Negra was next door... 12. @Muffinlegs!

Earlier this Summer (if you can call this a Summer?), I spent some time interning with the lovely team at @trufflepr. It was a great experience, not only did I learn loads about the crazy and exciting world of PR but I had so much fun working with the lovely team.  Truffle PR is a creative lifestyle PR agency, they have some really cool clients and they also have a REALLY cool blog- check it out here.

More Tomorrow! 

Spa Find Balanced Beauty.

Spa Find Balanced Beauty - Calmit Extract is a crystal clear, natural, intensive treatment designed for oily and combination skin. It helps control blemished and imbalanced skin as it contains anti-bacterial Witch Hazel which is known to help with rebalancing the skin as well as stabilising skin that's particularly dull or excessively oily. Containing natural Harmonised Water and Padina Pavonica algae extract, it  also acts as an intensive anti-ageing facial treatment; repairing ageing skin whilst helping to promote an even skin tone.

Overall this product has very powerful natural anti-ageing, repairing and hydrating properties and this intensive treatment is ideal if you are prone to breakouts or have excessively oily skin. This product is for monthly use,  so every morning and evening for one week of every month, it is to be used under your moisturiser. For £29.50 you get a 3 month supply, so if you are on the look out for a intense treatment and fancy using luxury spa products in the comfort of your own home- then this is for you.
I can't get over how smooth it makes my skin feel! Find out more about this range here.

Let me know what you think, what treatments do you guys use when your skin is in need of a pick-me-up...

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

Everyone always seems to have a rather strong opinion when it comes to the world of mineral make up, 
having never branched out into the world of mineral foundation myself (even though tempted on many occasions), a recent trip to Liberty resulted in a huge splurge on a few Laura Mercier products- one of which was of course the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15.

Opting for the colour natural beige, there are 8 shades in total to choose from; not the largest selection available but many people do seem to find one which does suit their skin tone. 

This product is not strictly described as a foundation and can be used as a setting powder but for now let's discuss the foundation like qualities. The common concerns regarding mineral foundations in general have always been if it will give enough coverage, will it look cakey and will it be easy to apply...

Firstly, it gives a medium but certainly build-able coverage; applied with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush seems to be very effective method however, concealer is definitely still needed especially if you have any blemishes. Next of all contrary to the 'cakey' speculation, in actual fact this particular mineral powder gives the skin a real glow and a surprisingly dewy look and finally it is very easy to apply and blends well onto the skin.

I have certainly enjoyed using this product so far but my only criticism is that if you are on the go it does not seem to be that incredibly long lasting and touch-ups definitely seem needed. Next week I will be testing it out as a powder used with liquid foundation so I will keep you all posted!

Let me know what you think; is mineral foundation your thing or are you still yet to try?

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Review

Maybelline recently launched these 24hour Colour Tattoos, having picked up the shades On and on Bronze and Eternal Gold; I must say I am impressed. Maybelline are a great brand who show that you don't always have to fork out a lot of cash for a good quality product and at £4.99, it seems you just can't go wrong with these.

They can work for many different looks, for those 'cant be bothered' days- a sweep of this and you will be good to go, use under eyeshadow as a base or even build them up for an evening look.
These are so versatile that they can be used all year round, use them on their own in the Summer with a tan for a simply beautiful look or in Winter add darker shades of shadow for the perfect metallic smokey eye.

I haven't included a swatch (it's just a personal preference) but if you like anything shimmery, glittery or metallic; I highly urge you to check these out and test them for yourself.

Let me know what you think! 

Monday's Must Have...

Every Make-Up collection needs that go to Lipstick at the ready for any occasion... A personal favourite of mine has to be from Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge collection in the shade 06 Rose Nu. This product does everything it claims, it hydrates your lips for up to 8 hours whilst also moisturising them intensely. It has a smooth as well as a comfortable texture once applied on the lips and with an added SPF 12 UV filter, it protects them from the premature aging effects of the sun.

This particular shade is a really natural rosy colour as you can see from the picture (left) I did not use my own photograph on this occasion as mine is soon to be included in my next 'All Used Up' post.

At £21 this product isn't cheap but because of the sleek and sophisticated packaging as well as the treatment and colour it gives the lips, this entire range and this particular shade gets a big thumbs up!                                                                                            

Instagram #2

1. Visiting the Mulberry shop in Knightsbridge. 2. Olympic Fever- Tower Bridge. 3. Shopping at Liberty. 4.  The best Cupcakes EVER at Lilly and Boo's in Bristol. 5. Tapas night with the best friend. 6. The loveliest letter I have ever received. 7. Favourite new bracelets- Topshop. 8. Snacking on frozen yoghurt- topped with Summer berries. 9. #OOTD-Topshop jumper, Zara shorts and Karen Millen bag. 10. London 2012- Oxford Street.

As you know, I have just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon (my username is Phoebe151) and after doing my first post  only a couple of days ago, I thought this would be a perfect Saturday post.
I hope you are having a great Saturday whatever you are doing, I will be spending the day in Bath which is one of my favourite places, so if you are following me on Instagram; there will be lots of updates. 

I will also be updating the Lifestyle section soon too as there's a great atmosphere here in the UK at the moment, so there will be a few posts on places and things to do here as well some other exciting posts- so keep your eyes peeled!

I'm in a rambly, chatty mood today so would love to hear what you guys are up to, tweet me while you're out and about @phoebe151

Laura Mercier Eye Base Review

Laura Mercier's Eye Base is my latest discovery when it comes to eye primers. If you read my post not too long ago here, you would have seen an edit of some of the eye primers that I have recently tried and tested. Until now, I was not that fazed by eye primers; yes they can make a nice addition to your make-up bag but they are not necessarily an essential.

However, this eye base from Laura Mercier has completlely changed my mind and I definitely have a new love for this particular product. The colour, consistency and ease of application is exactly what you would want from an eye primer, so if you do have some money to spare on a eye primer (it is a rather costly £20.50) this is brilliant.

There are 7 shades to choose from so it is very likely you will have a shade to suit your skin-tone, above is the shade 'Wheat' which I have been using. By ensuring that you have the right colour match, you will be able to effectively prep, prime and cover imperfections whilst improving the durability of your eye make-up.

And for those of you who don't wear eyeshadow... Use this on it's own for a flawless and natural look, it really does create a beautiful canvas.

Have you tried this before? What other Laura Mercier products do you love?

Instagram #1

1. Wireless Festival. 2. Love Vita Coconut water. 3. Drake headlining Wireless. 4. Hello Kitty heaven at Hamleys. 5. Sightseeing- London. 6. M&M World! 7. Carnaby Street, London. 8. Love all my new Laura Mercier products! 9. NSPCC Charity designed telephone boxes in London.

My biggest non-beauty favourite for the month of July had to be be the Instagram app. It's nothing new, I know... However, now that I am back in the UK, I thought I too would jump on the bandwagon. If you don't use Intstagram, I really would reccomend it- not only is it a great way of making the dullest of pictures look interesting but it is such an easy and fuss-free way of seeing your friends, favourite bloggers or even celebs most up to date pictures.

I am thinking of doing these posts on a weekly basis; if you guys like them of course, so do let me know. If you want to follow me on Instagram directly, my username is just like my twitter handle Phoebe151

- Love to you all!

July Favourites

July really has flown by and due to basically living out of a suitcase this month, I don't have that many favourites. That's just the way these things go sometimes and besides, quality is always better then quantity right?

This month; I rekindled my love for the Organix Coconut Milk Serum. Apply this to damp hair and you will be left with silky and smooth shiny hair. It could be considered a very cheap alternative for the famous Morrocon Oil.

Next is this cleanser from Apivita, my skincare has had a bit of a shake up this month and I am definitely feeling the benefits. This cleanser particularly stands out to me due to its silky smooth texture, which feels simply incredible on the skin.

Next is the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, although it didn't quite make my all time favourite fragrances; this month it is almost the only thing I have been applying- it has not left my bag!

The Maybelline 24 hours Colour Tattoos make their first debut on Diary Delights today but don't panic, a review will be coming up shortly. It's been refreshing to go back to using some high-street products and I think it is important to remind yourself that yes, there are alternatives available and the better products don't always necessarily from the high-end beauty counters.

Finally, from high-street back to high-end, the YSL Touché éclat has really stood out to me this month. Perhaps it has been a subconscious thing as I have been eyeing up the new YSL touché éclat foundation but nevertheless, I have really been enjoying using this all time cult beauty classic this month.

Let me know what you think, what have you guys been loving this month?