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Seville at a Glance

When I visited Seville earlier on this year; I was in absolute awe of the beautiful city, words simply cannot describe the atmosphere and the authentic spanish culture in which we had immersed ourselves in. A selection of snaps taken by my friends and I are included, yet I feel that they do not do this magical city justice at all. I sometimes find it very easy to forget about our treasured memories as day to day life can be so consuming and hectic. So whilst we can't decide on what to wear or as we are lusting over that perfect new outfit from Zara, (because obviously where else are we shopping this season) it seems that we often forget that sometimes, it's these enriching experiences that truly complete us. A short weekend away to wander around a new city can do us the world of good and the experience can be much more fulfilling then any material possession. I guess I am feeling nostalgic and there is only so much shopping a girl can go right? (okay I really will be back to normal tomorrow) but I hope this has inspired you to go somewhere new- it doesn't have to be far! It's the best revitalising full body treatment on the market, I promise! More tomorrow.

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  1. This looks so beautiful! Im thinking of going somewhere new so will definitely consider this!


  2. i wonder that i could visit someday to that same place. so beautiful.

  3. Wow, such beautiful photos!
    I love visiting new places :)