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Nails Inc

Nails Inc nail polishes are some what of a cult beauty buy and although lately I have not shut up about Essie polishes; I thought I would share with you a few from my Nails Inc collection; particularly those which I consider to be colours that never go out of fashion and are essential to any collection.
Starting with Randolph Avenue, a pale pink hue colour which is perfect for everyday, this varnish is perfect for those who like to keep it safe or just want to go for the natural look. Then Monmouth Street; a hot pink colour which again is perfect for Summer but then again can be used all year around for an eye catching look. Queenstown Road; a classic red- need I say more? And finally Mount Street as I am an avid fan of brown varnishes or darker tones like burgundy colours- faultless in my eyes.
What colours do you consider to be essential to your nail varnish collection?

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