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May Favourites

May has just absolutely flown by and as the sun has started to come out the only thing that has been on my mind has been tanning and consequently skincare! So here are my favourite products that I have been using up throughout May. I did infact make a video for this post but then got very annoyed at the camera on my macbook so have postponed the YouTubing for now until I am better equipped! Anyway these little miracle products have just made life that little bit easier this month and you will probably recognise many of them from previous posts.

Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion
This is a part of my everyday skincare routine and I have been using it for a few months but this has really stood out to me lately; my skin has been feeling really dehydrated and this has been my ultimate fix!
Bioderma Crealine Soloution
Read my review/rave here
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
Read more here
Garnier Body Refreshing gel cream
Considering this was just something I picked up without giving it too much thought; this has been so useful this month, not only is it very moisturising but due to its gel formula it dries very quickly too.
Vera Wang Princess
Having used this constantly throughout May subsequently my pretty little bottle is now empty! Suggestions for a new fragrance please?
Ultrasun Face SPF 30
As the sun has made an appearance I have not stopped applying this SPF, I really love the formula and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and it is not greasy at all. Read more about summer skincare here and find out how you can achieve a healthy, golden tan without burning your skin by careful product selection.
Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Make up Remover
Read more here and find out why I will be purchasing the full size bottle! 
Apivita Face masks 
I just can't get enough of these but you can read why here

So what have you been using in May? Have you tried any of these before? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. can't believe it's June already! I need to try out the Garnier body gel, sounds lovely! Love your blog header btw :) xx

  2. first time visit this blog.. Great product

  3. For summer I tend to use Escada's 'Rockin' Rio' perfume. Its the perfect scent for summer, like a tropical holiday in a bottle. They usually re-brand the packaging every year but I think this year they've kept the name as Rockin' Rio <3

    Lovely blog, I'm now a follower :)

    1. yes they do rebrand it every year one of my all time faves too! :) often what I spritz when in a department store!