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Max factor Flipsticks

It is no surprise that lip art is about to be the next big thing in the beauty scene this year and so Max Factor  have recently launched an innovative new product with lip art in mind and these are the Max Factor Colour Effect Flipsticks. These 'Flipsticks' comprise two complimentary shades of highly pigmented lipstick and the colour combinations have all been expertly matched by Max Factor's own make up artists. They feature one rich and creamy colour and one lighter, iridescent shade while their super-blendable formula allows you to create your look with ease. There are 6 colours in total to choose from and here I have Salsa Red which I really like, however, I have got my eye on the Boreal Mauve colour next!

When I first used my Flipstick I suddenly felt like a child who had found her mothers' lipstick collection as I found myself uncontrollably trying all sorts of  colour combinations on my lips. I was extremely excited and the reason for this was primarily because this product gives you the opportunity to get so creative and achieve a whole variety of different looks. You can wear each colour alone, blend them together, put a different colour on each lip or apply the second shade just to the centre of your lip. These are just a few ideas and for those of you who want to take it that extra step further; you can always channel your inner Jessie J and add some cosmetic glitter or jewels. I would recommend using a lip brush if you want to get really creative but a personal favourite of mine and perhaps one of the more simpler looks to achieve was to apply one colour to each lip. What I also liked about Flipsticks was that you are not limited to just use these for only a dramatic look, they can be used for a simple but interesting daytime look as well.

I have included some pictues below where I have just mixed the colours up and also used a tiny bit of glitter! These two looks are pretty simple and you can just see the different tones obtained from just the one Flipstick, I am definitely going to keep using these and hopefully improve my lip art skills! 

Have any of you guys tried Max Factor Flipsticks yet? 
Here is a link to the Boots site where you can currently save £2 on Max Factor's Colour Effect Flipsticks.

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  1. This sounds so fun! I wanna try.

  2. Love the concept of the "flipstick" & what gorgeous colors they are!!! Enjoy them, love! xo, Megs

    1. I know right! :) thanks for reading x

  3. I love your blog :D
    I've not really got a decent lipstick and I didn't know whether to go for one of these flipsticks, a Topshop one or MAC one. Overall, what do you think is the best choice? Thankyou xx

    1. Thank you! I have never tried a Topshop lipstick myself but these Flipsticks were great fun to experiment with however MAC lipsticks are my favourites and a great investment for your make up collection, I recently did a post specifically on MAC lipsticks so check it out! Thanks for reading :)

  4. nice review. I did my review yesterday too.
    You'll luv the Boreal Mauve.