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Getting Naked

So apologies if the title to this post allured you into thinking you were about to see something else but of course I'm referring to the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I have recently rekindled my love for the Naked Palette as this cult beauty buy is positively the best neutral palette on the market and although the Naked 2 Palette is great; the original is definitely my favourite. It is compact and perfect for travel as the selection of colours will ensure you have every essential shade you could possibly need and although it is pricey, it really is worth the money in my eyes. The shadows are of a high quality and the 12 shades should cover your needs from daytime to nighttime looks, all year round and if you don't have a crazy lust for cosmetics like some of us do (not mentioning names) well essentially, with this in your collection I don't see why you would have to purchase any other eyeshadows for some time.

Have you indulged in the Naked Palette? 

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  1. Oh, I love the colors! They are just so perfect. (:

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  3. If only this were a bit cheaper, I'd get one! :)


  4. These colours are amazing, it's just so pricey! Think it's probably worth splashing out though by the looks of it haha xxx

  5. I would really love to have this palette! But I don't put on make up everyday so I dont think it's worth it. Found your blog on New follower :)

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