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Essie Collection #2

You all know I love Essie polishes and have already done a post on them but I thought for today I would show you the latest additions to my collection. Starting with Wicked- a classic deep burgundy colour, Splash of Grenadine- a quirky purple/pink colour, Mademoiselle- an almost there sheen of pink,    Neo Whimsical- my current favourite; a washed down lilac and finally the very popular Mint Candy Apple!

Have you got any of these? Any recommendations? Let me know.

Molton Brown Indian Cress

Earlier this week you would have seen my post on my perfect hair care routine but when it comes to hair care it is always advised to change it around a bit so that your hair does not get use to one product. So today I thought I would show you one of my other favourite conditioners as I have just seen online that you can get 25% off! This is the Molton Brown Indian cress conditioner which is enriched with aromatic oils of geranium and carrot. It is a lightweight hair conditioner that can be used daily which gives fabulous results and Indian cress itself is an ingredient which is known to encourage healthy hair growth and not to mention it smells beautifully; but then again what else do you expect from Molton Brown! Although this is a light conditioner even when applying, it still leaves hair feeling nourished and gives a beautiful shine! This normally costs £18 but like I said it is currently available on the Molton Brown website here for £13.50 as is the rest of their hair care products! 

Have you tried any Molton Brown hair care? Do you have a favourite? Let me know! :) 

Best and Worst Eye Primers?

It is often asked if eyeshadow primers are worth using and if so; do they they actually work? The problem here is that it can be difficult to give a completely fair review of a product of this kind because yes, it most probably will prolong your eyeshadow but with so many contributing factors determining
the staying power of your make up, no one could ever realistically guarantee the '10 hours staying power' that some of the eye primers on the market claim. 

Firstly I would not consider an eye primer a necessity, although yes; it is a nice addition to any make up collection; there are other alternatives. For example I find a concealer generally does the trick or a MAC paint pot in one of their neutral tones works brilliantly for this purpose too. I have a few of the 'must have' eye primers in my collection either in full size or in sample size (that is what of course fuelled this post) so I thought I would include some brief reviews to sum up the products, for you to compare and make up your own mind.

This Too Faced Shadow Insurance has to be my favourite, the tube packaging makes the product easy to dispense and it really is all you would want a base product to be. Giving you the perfect canvas for your eyeshadow, it is slightly illuminating creating the most gorgeous creamy effect and making any eyeshadow look dazzling . This collection has quite a few varieties of 'Shadow Insurances' so it is definitely worth a try and it is perfect for glowing Summer make up looks!

The famous Urban Decay Primer Potion is highly recommended by many and I don't know if I  can write a fair review as I only have the mini version from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. However my one qualm is the packaging, you can just see how this could be a disaster when trying to get those last bits of products out. In all honesty, I didn't really notice massive staying power with this but it did really compliment the shadows in the naked palette for a really crisp looking colour.

After trying a sample I then decided to purchase the full size of the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, I found it really quite easy to work with (a little bit sticky?) but I did notice this did prolong the longevity of eyeshadow but again it can be hard to judge as different occasions and environments can effect how well your make up lasts. So I would recommend this as this seems to do the job and if you don't want the illuminating effect of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance then this would be for you.

I love Benefit products, I really do so when I was given this Benefit 'Stay don't Stray' Primer for shadow and concealer I was so excited. However this product has been a nightmare and the only reason I haven't thrown it away is because I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to make up. Firstly this comes in a pump form which I found dispenses far too much product and secondly the pump actually broke after only a few uses. I found this is also very thick so the thought of putting concealer and shadow on top just makes me think it is giving a slightly cakey look. This is a skin colour tone as opposed to the others which are more of a transparent formula and so overall I just found this doesn't really have a place in my make up routine.

I am sure many of you have tried some of these products and perhaps you have other opinions so do let me know :)

The Perfect Hair Care Routine.

When it comes to hair care I don't think there is anything that I'm yet to try; from expensive treatments to inexpensive; I have subjected my hair to all sorts of products in hope that they will leave my hair nourished, shiny and healthier. 

So here you have it; the best of the bunch when it comes to hair care. Firstly  the best shampoo and conditioner (an intense mask in this case) I think I have ever used; Kerastase Nutrive. This isn't the cheapest on the market but Kerastase products in general really are worth every penny and a small amount of product does go a long way. These products leave my hair and everyone else's who I know who have used them with silky and soft hair. I find they work to restore the hair especially where it has been damaged from heat, colour and general styling, plus they smell amazing!  The next product pictured above is a not so expensive product and it is the Organix nourishing coconut milk, now if you don't like the smell of coconut then this is not for you but otherwise this is brilliant, again I have tried countless serums and this by far has been the most effective. You only need the tiniest amount though so be warned! Next is Bed Head Headrush shine spray, another favourite of mine. I'm never entirely convinced by 'shine sprays' but this does smell amazingly and I love to use it after styling my hair, so why don't you give it a try yourself. Also above is my new Tangle Teezer which I already am in love with so I thought I would add it in for good measure.

I could ramble about hair all day, so there will be more haircare posts coming your way providing you like them as I have learnt a lot from my own personal experience from having healthy long hair to then colouring it one too many times, to now where I am in the stages of repairing the damage I have caused in recent years through colour and styling! 

Leave comments as I am very interested in your thoughts! 


Now I know hauls are usually easiest to film on YouTube but I currently have a love/hate thing going on with making videos; I love to watch and although I am new at this whole thing I do like to film them too, however due to not currently having the best video quality available (yes perhaps I am a perfectionist! :)) I have decided to just stick to blogging for now! 

So for those of you who follow my blog you may have seen various blog posts on my travels around Europe this year and while it has been amazing, sometimes you can't help but miss home and so throughout my travels I have had a list on the go of the things to purchase ASAP on my arrival in the UK. Now these products are not just exclusive to the UK as I am sure they are available in the US and well some worldwide but these are just a few products I could not find in certain parts of Europe or consequently were just much more expensive.

So my most exciting purchase (in my opinion) were the Real Techniques Brushes, I only discovered Pixiwoo on YouTube last year and well instantly became hooked, so when these brushes launched in the UK I was desperate to get home to purchase them! Here I have The Core Collection and The Stippling Brush (reviews will follow) I can't wait to use them all as I am obsessed with make up brushes; I really think they make the biggest difference on how we apply our make up and these brushes in my opinion are so reasonably priced and well loved by many.

Next is The Tangle Teezer which a friend recommended me whilst I was away, I love the design and again there has been a lot of hype around these so I will be reviewing in more detail soon!

Finally for make up with the Back to MAC scheme I collected my free MAC lipstick and opted for Up the Amp, I previously mentioned this colour in my MAC Lipsticks Do's, Don't and Must Haves and finally I have now added it to my collection (I will review and swatch too!) but this purple/ pink colour is perfect for Summer in my eyes and great to prepare for the A/W12 Berry toned lip trend! I also added NARS Deep Throat to my collection which as many of you know is one of their cult colours and an absolute best seller; for me this is quite a 'playing it safe' colour as I normally love bright pink blushers but I thought I definitely had space for this pretty pink colour in my collection, perfect for everyday and natural looks! 

So what do you guys think? Leave Comments :)

Nails Inc

Nails Inc nail polishes are some what of a cult beauty buy and although lately I have not shut up about Essie polishes; I thought I would share with you a few from my Nails Inc collection; particularly those which I consider to be colours that never go out of fashion and are essential to any collection.
Starting with Randolph Avenue, a pale pink hue colour which is perfect for everyday, this varnish is perfect for those who like to keep it safe or just want to go for the natural look. Then Monmouth Street; a hot pink colour which again is perfect for Summer but then again can be used all year around for an eye catching look. Queenstown Road; a classic red- need I say more? And finally Mount Street as I am an avid fan of brown varnishes or darker tones like burgundy colours- faultless in my eyes.
What colours do you consider to be essential to your nail varnish collection?

Intro to L'Occitane

Today I thought I would do a brief introduction to L'Occitane as I love so many of their products, especially the bath and shower gels as they smell beautifully. I have used products from this brand for years as they really are lovely to use, especially when you want to treat yourself and so I thought this post seemed appropriate as they also sell travel size items too which are perfect for any upcoming summer holidays! If you don't know much about L'Occitane; I consider the main 'selling point' the fact that they use only natural active ingredients which are often organic and of a controlled origin from the lands of Provence or the Mediterranean. Their formulas and fragrances are not only effective but are also combined with the idea of the senses in mind and again are all inspired by the Mediterranean art de vivre. If you are a fan of other brands like Jo Malone or Molton Brown you will definitely love these products too, I know this brand isn't new but I just thought it deserves a mention to make sure you guys are not missing out! :)

Dead Sea Spa Magik Skincare Review.

I recently have been testing out some skincare products from Dead Sea Spa Magik, although I already have a skincare routine which I am pretty happy with; from time to time I enjoy trying new products and this brand really appealed to me; the idea of having Spa worthy treats at home - who could say no. I have been testing a selection of their products but I have only chosen to mention the products which I have used enough to make sure I can write a fair enough review and well those that deserve the mention of course!

The first product that I tried was the Spot-On Gel, although this is a treatment product I did find it very hydrating and it did not dry out my skin as some other products of this kind do. It wasn't an instant fix but well if you know one of those then please let me know! But after applying this before bed, I noticed that within 3 days or so any problematic areas seemed to have improved drastically.

Another product which I think is worth mentioning is the Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich moisturiser, I haven't used a rich moisturiser on my face for quite a while now as I have been using lighter formulas but forgot how incredibly nourishing they can be. This moisturiser maintains the skins natural ph balance and contains UVA and UVB protection and although it is rich it does feel light and definitely not greasy which is great.

The Mud Mask was also really effective and although I am still obsessed with my Apivita face masks which I previously mentioned; this does make a nice alternative. I found it really balanced out my skin, giving it a really deep cleanse and removing impurities!

For more information on this brand check out the site - I am sure I will be talking more about this brand in the future- leave me your thoughts below! 

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I am SO thrilled to be doing my first ever giveaway on Diary Delights and as this is my first giveaway; I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to win something special that I myself love and something I know you guys will like too! You may have read a previous post of mine (read here)where I discussed my current obsession which is Lulus Boutique Jute shopper bags, loads of you guys tweeted about them and were very interested in them, so I am happy to announce that one of you will be able to win your very own Lulus Boutique bag just like mine pictured below. You will however, be able to choose the hair colour, hair style, eye colour, outfit colour and name of your choice so the bag is personal to you!

The closing date is Friday 29th of June and the winner will be announced shortly after! 

For more info on Lulus Boutique check out the site here  and make sure you like Lulus Boutique on Facebook! Feel free to leave a comment- what colours would you choose for your Lulu's Boutique bag!?

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(some more awkward photos haha will see if I eventually get the hang of it one day!)

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Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer Review

Whilst digging through my make up collection, I found this pretty little set from Too Faced which I had completely forgotten about. This set is called the Beautiful Dreamer Collection set and although I am not certain of its current availability; Too Faced always have some gorgeous sets available. As I have previously mentioned these can be such a great way to get some insight into a brand and the quality of their products and of course they make great gifts too! This set includes a beautiful make up bag which inside has a blusher/bronzer duo, a mini of the classic Too Faced Shadow Insurance in candlelight,
a mini eye shadow palette, Lashgasm Mascara and a lipgloss

The blush bronzer duo is a really gorgeous combination of colours which also really reminds me of the NARS Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. The shadow insurance is one of their best sellers so I am looking forward to getting my use out of this and comparing it so other eye shadow primers on the market. Candlelight shadow insurance is meant to be slightly illuminating which of course would be a perfect combination with the colours in the eye shadow palette. I have already been using the Lashgasm mascara for the last couple of days and absolutely love it and the lipgloss smells amazing too.
It seems to me that this whole set would work beautifully with a dewy foundation perhaps like Chanel Vital Lumiere for a really glowing but pretty look.

As always let me know if you guys have tried any Too Faced products or maybe it's a brand we should all start paying some more attention to? Let me know what you think!  

Getting Naked

So apologies if the title to this post allured you into thinking you were about to see something else but of course I'm referring to the Urban Decay Naked Palette! I have recently rekindled my love for the Naked Palette as this cult beauty buy is positively the best neutral palette on the market and although the Naked 2 Palette is great; the original is definitely my favourite. It is compact and perfect for travel as the selection of colours will ensure you have every essential shade you could possibly need and although it is pricey, it really is worth the money in my eyes. The shadows are of a high quality and the 12 shades should cover your needs from daytime to nighttime looks, all year round and if you don't have a crazy lust for cosmetics like some of us do (not mentioning names) well essentially, with this in your collection I don't see why you would have to purchase any other eyeshadows for some time.

Have you indulged in the Naked Palette? 

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My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is something that for years I had found myself constantly changing but I now seem to have some structure to my routine, which include both products that I have used for years as well as some newer additions. I thought I would share my routine with you and you can watch my video here where I ramble on some more about my skincare routine and yes, I know the camera quality is AWFUL but hey, we have to start somewhere right so thank you for your patience. Let me know what your skincare rituals are and remember that all our skin types are different, so what works for me may not work for you and vice a versa.

Products Pictured
Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser
Clinique Clarifying Lotion
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising lotion
Clinique Take The Day off Make up Remover
Bioderma H20 Crealine Soloution
Clarins Beauty Flash balm
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
Apivita face masks

I am also on the look out for a new night cream and eye cream if you have any recommendations?
I love the night creams from The Body Shop but always open to suggestions!

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Max factor Flipsticks

It is no surprise that lip art is about to be the next big thing in the beauty scene this year and so Max Factor  have recently launched an innovative new product with lip art in mind and these are the Max Factor Colour Effect Flipsticks. These 'Flipsticks' comprise two complimentary shades of highly pigmented lipstick and the colour combinations have all been expertly matched by Max Factor's own make up artists. They feature one rich and creamy colour and one lighter, iridescent shade while their super-blendable formula allows you to create your look with ease. There are 6 colours in total to choose from and here I have Salsa Red which I really like, however, I have got my eye on the Boreal Mauve colour next!

When I first used my Flipstick I suddenly felt like a child who had found her mothers' lipstick collection as I found myself uncontrollably trying all sorts of  colour combinations on my lips. I was extremely excited and the reason for this was primarily because this product gives you the opportunity to get so creative and achieve a whole variety of different looks. You can wear each colour alone, blend them together, put a different colour on each lip or apply the second shade just to the centre of your lip. These are just a few ideas and for those of you who want to take it that extra step further; you can always channel your inner Jessie J and add some cosmetic glitter or jewels. I would recommend using a lip brush if you want to get really creative but a personal favourite of mine and perhaps one of the more simpler looks to achieve was to apply one colour to each lip. What I also liked about Flipsticks was that you are not limited to just use these for only a dramatic look, they can be used for a simple but interesting daytime look as well.

I have included some pictues below where I have just mixed the colours up and also used a tiny bit of glitter! These two looks are pretty simple and you can just see the different tones obtained from just the one Flipstick, I am definitely going to keep using these and hopefully improve my lip art skills! 

Have any of you guys tried Max Factor Flipsticks yet? 
Here is a link to the Boots site where you can currently save £2 on Max Factor's Colour Effect Flipsticks.

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I'm Supporting! - Official Team GB

Now that the long Jubilee weekend is over and we struggle to get back into our day to day routine, it seems that the next thing on our mind of course is the 2012 London Olympics which are fast approaching. I was recently lucky enough to receive one of the Official Team GB and Paralymics Scarves to participate in the “I’m Supporting” campaign in conjunction with Next.

The scarves have been designed by Next as part of their support for London 2012 and are a must have item for the Summer! All profits from the sale of the scarves will be donated to the British Olympic Association which will help the British Olympic and Paralympic athletes deliver their best performance at London 2012 and beyond. If you click here you also can get your hands on a scarf and get involved in the campaign
 where you can also get the opportunity of winning one of the many fantastic prizes that Next are offering to supporters; so make sure you get involved.

Above you can see how the scarf arrived so beautifully packaged and inside the box was also a catalogue which shows the other fashion and homeware items available from Next that have been designed with the olympics in mind. I will certainly be checking out some of the pieces in store over the next few weeks.

Even Kate has been seen wearing her Next Team GB support scarf.

Today I decided to stick to the red, white and blue theme even though the Jubilee is now over and so here I am wearing my Team GB scarf with this dress from Stradivarius and a blazer from Crew Clothing. The scarf can be worn in a variety of ways; for example it could also be worn as a head scarf or you could even tie it to your handbag to show your support whatever your outfit!

For more information check out the supporters page which is linked above and you can also tweet Next @nextofficial 

So who is excited for the Olympics!?

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Essie Obsessed

I recently discovered Essie Polishes and have been pretty Essie obsessed ever since! Although it saddens me that my collection is still pretty small, I have already planned which will be the next additions to my collection. I don't want to write paragraphs and paragraphs about this because well basically all I have to say is that these are amazing; so go try them!
They have an absolutely sensational colour range and the quality of the varnish is brilliant, whilst application is made easy by the brush design. I also love the packaging too as I think it is simple yet effective. Here I have the Essie All in One Base Coat, The High Shine Top Coat, Lovie Dovie and Ole Caliente. I really would recommend the base coat as it has made a huge diffence to my nails; which now feel stronger and I believe it to be a really great all round product that helps prep the nails before polishing. The base coat and the top coat really ensure that any DIY manicure lasts so much longer and are also oh so glossy.
Some of the colours I will be purchasing next will have to be Cute as a Button and Mint Candy Apple but to be honest the list does go on - which are your favourites?
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Perfectly Pink

When it comes to blusher there is nothing I love more then a bright pink, think MAC Pink Swoon or Well Dressed.  However, I think I have found the perfect dupe for my favourite MAC blushers and of course it is from Sephora. This blusher from Sephora is called Icy Fuchsia and it is a bright pink shade which has some glitter particles too; it might look scary and terribly bright at first glance but in fact it is so easy to work with and like MAC, the Sephora blushers are highly pigmented and very buildable.

I also recently added the Sephora Highligher  to my collection in the pink shade as opposed to their gold alternative and this has a beautifully iridescent sheen finish and again it is very easy to work with. This purchase strays from my usual as when it comes to highlighting powders well, firstly I don't often use them but when I do, I usually opt for shades of gold and bronze (think Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick) I love the idea of chanelling my inner beach babe, so to opt for the pink shade is a big step out of my comfort zone!

I  think this is the perfect combination for Summer and it encompasses my personal love for pink blushers and all that sparkles and taking into consideration the high quality of the products and their reasonable price- maybe I won't need to visit MAC anytime soon after all.

What blushers and highlighters do you love?

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May Favourites

May has just absolutely flown by and as the sun has started to come out the only thing that has been on my mind has been tanning and consequently skincare! So here are my favourite products that I have been using up throughout May. I did infact make a video for this post but then got very annoyed at the camera on my macbook so have postponed the YouTubing for now until I am better equipped! Anyway these little miracle products have just made life that little bit easier this month and you will probably recognise many of them from previous posts.

Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion
This is a part of my everyday skincare routine and I have been using it for a few months but this has really stood out to me lately; my skin has been feeling really dehydrated and this has been my ultimate fix!
Bioderma Crealine Soloution
Read my review/rave here
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
Read more here
Garnier Body Refreshing gel cream
Considering this was just something I picked up without giving it too much thought; this has been so useful this month, not only is it very moisturising but due to its gel formula it dries very quickly too.
Vera Wang Princess
Having used this constantly throughout May subsequently my pretty little bottle is now empty! Suggestions for a new fragrance please?
Ultrasun Face SPF 30
As the sun has made an appearance I have not stopped applying this SPF, I really love the formula and it leaves my skin feeling lovely and it is not greasy at all. Read more about summer skincare here and find out how you can achieve a healthy, golden tan without burning your skin by careful product selection.
Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Make up Remover
Read more here and find out why I will be purchasing the full size bottle! 
Apivita Face masks 
I just can't get enough of these but you can read why here

So what have you been using in May? Have you tried any of these before? Let me know your thoughts!

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Seville at a Glance

When I visited Seville earlier on this year; I was in absolute awe of the beautiful city, words simply cannot describe the atmosphere and the authentic spanish culture in which we had immersed ourselves in. A selection of snaps taken by my friends and I are included, yet I feel that they do not do this magical city justice at all. I sometimes find it very easy to forget about our treasured memories as day to day life can be so consuming and hectic. So whilst we can't decide on what to wear or as we are lusting over that perfect new outfit from Zara, (because obviously where else are we shopping this season) it seems that we often forget that sometimes, it's these enriching experiences that truly complete us. A short weekend away to wander around a new city can do us the world of good and the experience can be much more fulfilling then any material possession. I guess I am feeling nostalgic and there is only so much shopping a girl can go right? (okay I really will be back to normal tomorrow) but I hope this has inspired you to go somewhere new- it doesn't have to be far! It's the best revitalising full body treatment on the market, I promise! More tomorrow.

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