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Simple Summer Make-Up

I guess many of you have realised how much I adore the Summer as many posts in the last couple of weeks have been dedicated to Summer skincare routines and Summer make-up collections. Taking all that into consideration; I thought I would talk you through those everyday beauty items that I often use for the Summer season. Nothing too fancy or groundbreaking, just a few staple pieces that are in my make-up bag. Golds and bronze metallic colours are perhaps my favourite tones and I love the appearance they have on tanned skin. So in this video I have mentioned what I use and inserted a picture below with the mentioned products applied, no fancy contouring or special techniques just quick application of a few favourites! Since filming this video I have luckily been able to sunbathe and my skin now seems to have a base tan and said products are starting to be more regularly applied. Yippee!

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Comment away too with your fave Summer Make up! 


  1. Wow nice make up! your gorgeous :) i like your blog, im following! :)

  2. Love your makeup - looks so lovely and glowy, perfect for summer!

    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Your make-up looks gorgeous, you have such a gorgeous tan I'm very envious! I usually try to do a lighter make-up look in the summer, I seriously need to get some bronzer for this year! Really love metallics in the summer :)
    Love Holz oxo

  4. I think your blog is really great! great tips! Thank you Phoebe :) xx