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Nice Nails BABY!

Long gone are the days when you would just go to a salon and have a french manicure. For the last couple of years there has been an absolute boom in nail trends and now the design of your nails can be just as important as your whole ensemble, from nail art to 3D nails the possibilities are endless.
This season I have been loving painting my nails pretty pastel colours; especially from the Essie range and I am desperate to get my hands on some neon polishes to add to my collection.
Now as much as I like to paint my own nails, I am not as talented as some of my friends who can do all sorts of cool nail art on their own nails and while I am oh so envious of their skills; I quite like to indulge from time to time and get my nails done professionally. I recently have been on the look out for a salon that offers a selection of services so that I can easily stay on trend but without breaking the bank et voila I would like to introduce you all to Nice Nails Baby. Having two salons based in London; Nice Nails Baby offer a huge selection of services including Shellac nails- a personal favourite of mine and all at super friendly prices. I will be paying them a visit as soon as I get back to the UK in a few weeks, yet another addition to my ever-growing 'things to do when I get back home' list! I can't wait! 
For more information on Nice Nails Baby you can check out their website here 

Let me know what your favourite nail trends are at the moment! 


  1. I am totally obsessed with nail art at the moment! I made it my new years resolution to have nicely painted nails all year round and so I am always experimenting with my ever-expanding collection of polishes. Have a look on my blog and take a look at some of my designs if you have time?

    Great blog btw, i'm now following :) xx

    1. oh me too obsessed with nail art atm! thank you very much! I will check out yours!