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NARS Wicked Attraction Review

This review is certainly long overdue but after posting my video I wanted to give myself enough time to trial the products that were put together by NARS in order to give a fair and honest review. The Wicked Attraction set boasts NARS's top-selling shades of pinks and peaches which are ideal for spring. The set includes:

  • Fathom Single Eyeshadow – This is a pink tulle with a silver shimmer and it is an absolutely gorgeous colour, which I believe could be used as a highlighter also. It was long lasting and seemed to work well with the smudge proof base. 
  • Mini Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base- I have managed to get a few uses out of this product and it does seem to be really effective, however; it is the smallest item in the set and has only lasted a few uses.
  • Mini Orgasm/Laguna Blush-Bronzer Duo – This is a peachy pink blush with golden shimmer and the bronzer is a natural looking shade of bronze which also has a golden shimmer. Both of these products are two of NARS's best sellers but unfortunately I found the size of the bronzer made it difficult to use effectively, however; I did not have this problem with the blush. Aside the issues with sizing Laguna is simply a beautiful colour and it has a lovely texture and so it really does deserves its status as one of the best bronzers on the market. Orgasm is an extremely pretty colour and I know it is loved by many but this is where the brilliance of theses sets come in as I love the colour but after a few uses I discovered it is not well suited to my skin tone.
  • Medium Spring Break Larger Than Life Lip Gloss – This is a sheer nude pink colour and is definitely a clutch bag friendly size. However, this new Larger Then Life formula is incredibly heavy and so I found it difficult to work with, on the plus side though it was very long lasting.
I completely will stand with what I originally said as I think this set is brilliant for travelling, first time NARS users or those who simply wish to test these products out before purchasing the full size. I am a huge fan of NARS products and I love the packaging and the high quality of the products but with sets it is common to have items you either like or dislike and that is why they are the perfect opportunity to test a selection of items before purchasing them on their own. Just to reiterate although I have found negatives in some of these products, I have based it on how they work for me, my colourings and my personal preference and there is no denying that each product is still to NARS's high quality and standard. 

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  1. This would make the perfect gift, I also love how it focuses on more neutral colours which is a must for me :-)

    Beckys Makeup

    1. Yes I would be thrilled if someone got me anything NARS! :) Thanks for the comment x

  2. I love these natural colors! (: I think they are the best.
    Your blog is amazing, I'll follow you with GFC from now on!
    xx Maria

  3. I love NARS products too! I have Orgasm though and it's not my favourite, there are more unusual and gorgeous colours that NARS do :) xx

  4. I want this set! So pretty. Bookmarking it for later.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  5. I love sets! You can try out various products, without committing. This set looks great.

  6. This is so sleek! love how the product are presented in the velvet box! <3

  7. Hello!!

    New follower over here!! I found this review when I was Googling reviews of this Nars set because I've just ordered it and I'm super excited to receive it. Great post, which has just got me even more excited for my goodies to arrive. Woo