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Get a Healthy Golden Tan WITHOUT Burning.

Summer is approaching and as we all start thinking of hitting the gym, our perfect summer wardrobe and the holidays we've been planning since we got off the plane from our last holiday; I always think it is important to plan how you will look after your skin when exposed to the sun. I always like to take into consideration what type of holiday I am going on to determine what sort of preparation and products I need as I have learnt from my travels that some products don't work as well in all situations. The products above however, have served me well in even the hottest of destinations, when the heat has been fierce and so I would happily recommend these again and again. I consider myself to have sensitive skin that can be prone to burning but eventually does tan, however over the years with careful product selection; I have managed to prevent my skin from sun burn. Of course, everybody's skin type is different and can react differently to the sun and to different products, so you must always take into consideration your skin type and be sensible when sunbathing and not over expose your skin.

The first product is the Imedeen Tan Optimiser, I first used these pills around 5 years ago and although they are not the cheapest, they are really worth considering when preparing the skin for a holiday, especially if you have sensitive skin or are travelling for a long period of time. When I took these I did not burn my skin at all which was a revelation as I was away for 4 weeks in a very hot climate and prior to that I had always passed the first few days of any holiday slightly burnt. With the Imedeen Tan Optimiser I  also have noticed that I slowly obtain a much deeper golden colour which overall seems to last much longer then my usual tan.

My most recent discovery is the Ultralip and the Ultrasun Face SPF 30 from the Ultrasun range. The UltraFace SPF 30 cream is definitely a new favourite as it really is a sun and beauty product in one. It's really moisturising and is fragrance free meaning that it is great for sensitive skin too and the anti-ageing formula is a plus as I believe its never to early to start thinking of this, especially when the sun is involved. It is so important to protect your face from the sun and realistically there is no need to tan the face as much as much as your body because the look/colour can easily be achieved with make up (I will be talking about some sun make up this week too!)  This really is a multi-functional product as I also think I will consider using this as a moisturising make up base all year round.  The Ultralip formula is also great as it is incredibly moisturising and again it's very important to not forget to protect your lips in the sun as they can become very dry and damaged when exposed and do need extra care.

Finally, my all time favourite sun protector is the Riemann P20, I just think this product will always be my go to when on holiday as it is faultless. When I have used it I have never burned and I achieve a really great golden bronze colour. It is easily applied on the skin too and only needs to be applied once a day, although when sunbathing I will apply it more then once, as I think it is better to be safe. It is also waterproof which is an added bonus and I have converted many friends of mine when on holiday to the P20 formula as it really is brilliant!

Let me know your thoughts!

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