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Rave: Apivita Face Masks

I recently discovered the Greek brand Apivita, the packaging which oozes quality and luxe is what initially caught my eye and as I was on a mission to give my skin a pick me up, I decided to try some of their face masks- also a smart way to get a feel of the quality of the products, before investing in the pricier items. I opted for the Express Beauty Face Mask with Green Clay, which on application I found it to be easy to apply, easy to remove and it did not irritate my skin either; it was perfect and the results were simply incredible. Any areas of oiliness felt normal again and my skin felt tighter and more refined and so in a true beauty product junkie fashion, after doing some research; I rushed to stock up adding the Express Beauty with Propolis and the Express Gold Royal Jelly Mask to my collection (which was also featured in Harper's Bazaar.)

When researching this brand there was not much UK based information online and I was shocked to see that there were no British retailers stocking these products. However, the deeper I digged into Google, I began to see speculation on the brands UK launch and it seems that I discovered this brand just in time as last week the new Marks and Spencer's Beauty Department was launched in London, where Apivita is one of the exciting brands to be stocked. These new beauty departments are set to be opening nationwide over the next 12 months. I also noticed these face masks were in the May Glossybox, so I'm certain you will be hearing lots about this brand in the upcoming months.

The Express Beauty Green Clay Mask was definitely my favourite, it is designed for cleansing the skin as the green clay deeply penetrates the pores to remove excess oil and dirt thus eliminating and preventing blackheads. It also soothes and rejuvenates the skin with aloe, wheat proteins and lavender essential oils which leaves the skin smooth and radiant.

The Express beauty with Propolis Mask was also very effective, however I wasn't as keen on the brown texture formula of the product. It's designed especially for young oily skin as propolis really helps to regulate this.
The Express Gold with Royal Jelly Mask had the smoothest texture of all and glided on my face beautifully, it is suitable for all ages and skin types and has a anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle formula with 90% natural ingredients. Royal jelly supports cell regeneration and enhances elasticity which leaves the skin rejuvenated and radiant. The honey, wheat proteins, and neroli essential oil work together to revitalise the skin leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

All of these products are free from parabens, silicones and propylene glycol and there is a huge selection to choose from so I would suggest spending your time and picking the best ones for your skin type. I am hoping to do further reviews on Apivita products so make sure you keep an eye out and let me know if you have tried any products from this brand- would love some recommendations! 

For more information check out Apivita's website here

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NARS Wicked Attraction Review

This review is certainly long overdue but after posting my video I wanted to give myself enough time to trial the products that were put together by NARS in order to give a fair and honest review. The Wicked Attraction set boasts NARS's top-selling shades of pinks and peaches which are ideal for spring. The set includes:

  • Fathom Single Eyeshadow – This is a pink tulle with a silver shimmer and it is an absolutely gorgeous colour, which I believe could be used as a highlighter also. It was long lasting and seemed to work well with the smudge proof base. 
  • Mini Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base- I have managed to get a few uses out of this product and it does seem to be really effective, however; it is the smallest item in the set and has only lasted a few uses.
  • Mini Orgasm/Laguna Blush-Bronzer Duo – This is a peachy pink blush with golden shimmer and the bronzer is a natural looking shade of bronze which also has a golden shimmer. Both of these products are two of NARS's best sellers but unfortunately I found the size of the bronzer made it difficult to use effectively, however; I did not have this problem with the blush. Aside the issues with sizing Laguna is simply a beautiful colour and it has a lovely texture and so it really does deserves its status as one of the best bronzers on the market. Orgasm is an extremely pretty colour and I know it is loved by many but this is where the brilliance of theses sets come in as I love the colour but after a few uses I discovered it is not well suited to my skin tone.
  • Medium Spring Break Larger Than Life Lip Gloss – This is a sheer nude pink colour and is definitely a clutch bag friendly size. However, this new Larger Then Life formula is incredibly heavy and so I found it difficult to work with, on the plus side though it was very long lasting.
I completely will stand with what I originally said as I think this set is brilliant for travelling, first time NARS users or those who simply wish to test these products out before purchasing the full size. I am a huge fan of NARS products and I love the packaging and the high quality of the products but with sets it is common to have items you either like or dislike and that is why they are the perfect opportunity to test a selection of items before purchasing them on their own. Just to reiterate although I have found negatives in some of these products, I have based it on how they work for me, my colourings and my personal preference and there is no denying that each product is still to NARS's high quality and standard. 

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Frozen Yogurt

If I could eat this for the rest of my life I think I would be happy, Frozen yogurt seems to be the latest craze and it's becoming more and more accessible in the UK; which is like a dream come true. A healthy  and refreshing alternative to Ice cream (depending on your toppings!) I really am a huge fan and they can be surprisingly filling too. Unusual for me to to do a food related post I know, but well I though these pretty little tubs filled with deliciousness deserved a post to themselves. Happy Saturday! 

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Las Arenas Hotel Valencia.


My time in Valencia is coming to an end and although I will sadly miss my lifestyle that I have grown to love here, I am ridiculously excited to get back home. In the midst of it all me and a friend decided to take some time out from exams and more importantly celebrate her birthday with some relaxation at Las Arenas Beach Hotel and Spa. Located right on the beautiful Malvarosa beach you can't miss this gorgeous building; so when the opportunity presented itself, we simply could not refuse.  The weekend was spent lounging by the pool and enjoying the sunshine; it's nice to have a well deserved break once in a while. If you are like me and love the city life but love beach holidays also then Valencia is for you and well if you choose to visit Las Arenas Hotel then it gets even better!

Of course I had to show you just some of the products that we were using, starting with the Avène SPF20, Nivea Sun SPF 6 (to be used with care) Charles Worthington Leave in conditioner with UV protection, Ultralip SPF 15 and my favourite flip flops just for good measure! If you want a more detailed review on products that I also use to ensure my skin is fully protected then check out my post on How to Tan Without Burning or you can watch my video here

Where are your favourite relaxation spots, any recommendations? Let me know and have a great weekend. 

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Product Rave #2: Caudalíe Beauty Elixir

So sticking with the product raves and reviews for this week, I thought I would also add to the many many Caudalíe Beauty Elixir reviews that are circulating the blogsphere at the moment. I first got my hands on this product around two weeks ago and well I just don't think I could have bought it at a better time as this has salvaged my skin in so many different ways. This product has been widely raved about left, right and centre in the beauty industry from celebrity MUA's who see it as a kit essential to even Victoria Beckham who recommended this product via Twitter. When so much hype surrounds a product, I usually am quite skeptical as I usually find that the most hyped up products can be the most disappointing but this is certainly not the case this time around.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the product, it is a spray formula which works as a toner/serum and an all round general refreshening spray. For me I have noticed that this has really improved the appearance of my skin, especially in the more problematic areas and although it is not necessarily a product designed to treat acne; it has been known to help many with regards to break outs. Secondly, as some of you know I am currently in Spain and so this has been amazing in the heat as it has a refreshing and cooling effect (it can be applied over make up as well as under it!) making the Caudalíe Beauty Elixir ideal for travelling and whilst on holiday. Finally, I have also found this to be very soothing and calming and it has certainly helped me relax as exam period approaches and I'd put this down primarily to its amazing scent.

It has no parabens or phenoxyethanol and is a 100% natural fragrance and perhaps highly addictive too- in a good way obviously!

Let me know if you have tried and tested the Caudalíe Beauty Elixir.

PS. I kept spraying my face with this constantly whilst writing :)

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Product Rave: Take The Day Off.

My latest love is the Clinique 'Take The Day Off' make up remover. I previously reviewed the Bioderma Crealine H20 Soloution and although I am still using it everyday; I mentioned that I found it harder to remove eye make up with. However, now with the help of Clinique, I no longer struggle when removing heavier make up as this product is absolutely fantastic and well I never thought I could get so excited over an eye make up remover. This product just makes removing make up so simple and it compliments my skin care routine perfectly. It is designed for lids, lips and lashes and is so gentle to the skin and suitable for all skin types. I received this product as a sample but have every intention of repurchasing as I don't think I have found a make up remover that is quite as effective as this, it has won many awards and well I am just kicking myself for not using it sooner! Hope you are all having a lovely start to the week.

For more info on Clinique products click here

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What I'm wearing this Weekend!

Leather Jacket- Vintage, Vest-Reverse Clothing, Skirt- River Island, Bag- Topshop, Necklace- H&M, Sunglasses- Rayban Wayfarers 

A break from revision to go for a wander and a spot of lunch with friends, I find it's so easy to find your self stuck in a revision rut and thinking that it will never end but there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully that light will be a burst of sunshine as the end of exams mark the start of the Summer.
I am enjoying these last couple of weeks of studying and relaxation as so far my summer is going to be super busy with Summer internships, so for me it is set to be early mornings, late nights and potentially lots of coffee runs!? My outfit today was a sort of lets see what I can throw together ensemble, pretty low profile but I am loving maxi-skirts at the moment; this one makes me think of Angelina Jolie and THAT leg. Hope you are all having a great weekend and if you have exams too, remember to stay calm and well try to enjoy it, we are not in education forever and we will miss it when it's gone. I certainly miss my school days!

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Festival MUST have bag!

The countdown to festival season has begun! Coachella was absolute torture for all of us at home as the pictures of A-listers dripping in cool festival attire flooded all of our daily reads and although we turned green with envy as we saw the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna chill out at Coachella, there's no denying that  they all gave us all some great festival fashion inspiration. 
So while we will NOT forget our wellies, dry shampoo and glitter (yes glitter) for me it always seems difficult to decide on what bag to take as you need something that is practical, secure and of course stylish too. Well ladies look no further as here is your perfect solution and a definite festival MUST have; a Zatchel bag. I think these are a great size for all your essentials to be kept safely and as they are made of leather they can also be easily cleaned and definitely a piece that will be in your wardrobe for years to come. I love these two styles below which encompass this seasons key colour trends of pastels and neon brights. I am desperate to get my hands on this violet Zatchel and to channel my inner Alexa Chung with a satchel styled bag. More Tomorrow.
For more info check out the Zatchels Site here

Simple Summer Make-Up

I guess many of you have realised how much I adore the Summer as many posts in the last couple of weeks have been dedicated to Summer skincare routines and Summer make-up collections. Taking all that into consideration; I thought I would talk you through those everyday beauty items that I often use for the Summer season. Nothing too fancy or groundbreaking, just a few staple pieces that are in my make-up bag. Golds and bronze metallic colours are perhaps my favourite tones and I love the appearance they have on tanned skin. So in this video I have mentioned what I use and inserted a picture below with the mentioned products applied, no fancy contouring or special techniques just quick application of a few favourites! Since filming this video I have luckily been able to sunbathe and my skin now seems to have a base tan and said products are starting to be more regularly applied. Yippee!

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Comment away too with your fave Summer Make up! 

Clinique Mascara swap is BACK!

Beauty lovers rejoice as the Clinique mascara swap is back and begins today at Debenhams' Clinique counters nationwide. The promotion is running from today up until May 20th 2012 and all you need to do is take along any old mascara and in return you will get to choose a new Clinique deluxe sample of either High Impact or High Lengths Mascara,  it simply could not be easier.
I am an avid lover of Clinique products as I have mentioned before, I use their classic 3 step system and have currently been using the anti blemish solution foundation too. Now I actually already have got my hands on the High Impact Mascara but do not feel I have used it enough to write a substantial review just yet. However, if I could choose again between the two, I would be inclined to go for the High Length mascara but that is just down to what usually works well for me as I love lengthening mascaras.  It's completely down to personal preference and what works best for your lashes, so whether it's on your lunch break or on a shopping trip make sure you go and get your free Clinique mascara, it would just be ridiculous not to!

What I wore this Weekend Part 2!

Tshirt & bag - Topshop, Skirt-Zara, Necklace -H&M

Asymmetrical skirts and tribal prints are two of my favourite trends this season. In fact, I am slightly very obsessed with both, so when I came across this skirt I was in love and  well the result has been me wanting to wear it everyday since (seriously). Super comfy and easy to combine, this eye catching piece is so effortlessly chic and I think it diverts all attention away from hair and make up because of its vibrant colours and the way it simply falls. Today I combined this with a simple white t-shirt and a pop of colour with a statement necklace, I think this whole outfit has a cool kind of chilled vibe; perfect for my quiet Sunday which has been filled with coffee and exploring the city with friends.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

What I Wore this Weekend!

Dress, shoes, jacket- Zara. Bag - Mango.

Here you have it; my first What I Wore Today post. Now excuse the cheesy grin; initially this wasn't going to be on my blog but after taking a few snaps as we celebrated a friends' birthday, I thought why not! So for this occasion, I opted for a pastel green summer dress; not only do I adore the colour but I love the lace detailing too.  Pastel colours are dead on trend for this Spring/Summer and I think this is a really versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, for day or night and could be teamed up with a variety of different colours too! As we were going out for dinner, I decided to  smarten up this dress by teaming it with an oversized, white blazer which I think will be my go to piece this Summer, I then chose a tanned wedge which I think compliments my bag nicely. Tanned wedges have always been a must have for me when it comes to my Summer wardrobe and I believe a timeless, classic shoe and bag is such a must for every wardrobe. I always see these as investment buys as they really can complete any outfit and in most cases I think these accessories really are the finishing touches when one wants to achieve a sophisticated and classic look. Perfect for dinner and cocktails! 

Tan WITHOUT burning video.

I posted another video yesterday guys (I am getting there!!) just to talk some more about the products I mentioned earlier on in the week here Get a Healthy Golden Tan WITHOUT burning but with an added extra!

I will be posting more videos and hopefully improving the video quality when I get back to the UK so stay with me as I overcome my technical challenges! haha.

Have a fantastic weekend wherever you are- I have been celebrating a friends birthday this weekend and have had so much fun that I think it deserves a post of its own!

Lots of Love


Nice Nails BABY!

Long gone are the days when you would just go to a salon and have a french manicure. For the last couple of years there has been an absolute boom in nail trends and now the design of your nails can be just as important as your whole ensemble, from nail art to 3D nails the possibilities are endless.
This season I have been loving painting my nails pretty pastel colours; especially from the Essie range and I am desperate to get my hands on some neon polishes to add to my collection.
Now as much as I like to paint my own nails, I am not as talented as some of my friends who can do all sorts of cool nail art on their own nails and while I am oh so envious of their skills; I quite like to indulge from time to time and get my nails done professionally. I recently have been on the look out for a salon that offers a selection of services so that I can easily stay on trend but without breaking the bank et voila I would like to introduce you all to Nice Nails Baby. Having two salons based in London; Nice Nails Baby offer a huge selection of services including Shellac nails- a personal favourite of mine and all at super friendly prices. I will be paying them a visit as soon as I get back to the UK in a few weeks, yet another addition to my ever-growing 'things to do when I get back home' list! I can't wait! 
For more information on Nice Nails Baby you can check out their website here 

Let me know what your favourite nail trends are at the moment! 

Ibiza Rockin'

So recently I have been posting about all things Summer related and quite frankly I have been getting really excited but also slightly nostalgic as my time abroad is quickly coming to an end. Today I wanted to share with you a trip I took to Ibiza when I first arrived in Valencia; it was my first time visiting the party island and it was everything I expected and more. The beaches were beautiful, the atmosphere was incredible and we also managed to blag our way into Pacha VIP (hello champagne) Girls holidays are always the best! I usually prefer long days on the beach and relaxing evenings when away but in Ibiza there's no escaping the late nights. I would definelty recommend everyone to go, even if just for a couple of days to experience life on the island. The parties I would have to recommend would be David Guetta's FMIF party at Pacha- not to be missed! and I also loved one of the newest hotels on the island called Ushuaia- where they host day to night parties. 
For the daytime, I would totally recommend renting a car if you can; this way we came across some absolute beautiful beaches- we almost went beach hopping you could say and saw a bit of everything! 

One more thing- for those of you packing to go to Ibiza; think quirky and out there style. Bold statement pieces are a must and for make up well the brighter the better, think fake lashes, glitter and face paint. Anything goes!

Lots of Love!

Oh and don't be surprised if you see any celebs on the island- it's a popular destination for many of them!

Summer Skin: MAKE UP GOLD

In my previous post I discussed ways in which you can protect your skin from the sun but still obtain a healthy glow but now I want to share with you my latest love which is the Limited Edition Summer Collection from Guerlain. I really have fallen head over heels for this collection and am SO excited to say goodbye to pale Winter skin and fully embrace a radiant glow with help from some of these A-MAZING products. 

The new Guerlain Terracotta Sun in the City palette is what inititially caught my eye from this collection and I instantly had to have it. Gold is perhaps my favourite colour, so of course I was drawn to this product as it literally looks like gold in a compact form. The texture is unbelievably amazing, it feels so silky to the touch that it could almost be mistaken for a cream. The innovative powder formula creates an astonishingly light powder and has an intense concentrate with gold mother-of-pearl particles which capture and reflect light; creating a natural-looking radiant effect without looking overly iridescent. This golden shade is a universal colour which leaves a golden, luminous finish and is perfect as a highlighter, eyeshadow or even for use on the body.
I cannot get enough of this product and will be using it ALL Summer! 

This newest Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder utilizes fewer pigments then the usual Terrecota bronzer and has a feather light texture as the crystal pigment draws on the light and translucency to intensify a tan’s glow. The Terracotta Light is available in 4 colours and these unique combinations of bronzing shades match the varying tanned tones of blondes and brunettes. I love the selection of shades available as there are the shades for the earlier days of Summer for blondes and this has pink accents and soft tanned tones, which enhances the natural rosy color of blondes or those with fair skin. Then there is the shade for brunettes, which is enriched with coral touches and warmer shades which is said to add bright radiance to the golden tan of brunettes and olive skin. The other two shades are then designed for the height of Summer, for when a tan is at its deepest and again there is one for blondes and one for brunettes. The days of searching for the perfect shade of bronze are over.

The Guerlain Summer collection also introduces the new Terracotta Blush which is a gorgeous Sun Shimmer Highlighter, an easy-to-use formula that leaves the complexion fresh and illuminated for all types of tanned skin. Again, the key is Guerlain’s mother-of-pearl concentrate that adds luminosity to the cheekbones for a naturally flushed, glow while the feather light fluid gives a smooth, delicate finish. Terracotta Blush is available in two shades; again depending on your colourings and these are Sunny Pink- designed for blondes which enhances the rosy color of fair cheeks or the Spicy Coral which is ideal for brunettes.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think!

Get a Healthy Golden Tan WITHOUT Burning.

Summer is approaching and as we all start thinking of hitting the gym, our perfect summer wardrobe and the holidays we've been planning since we got off the plane from our last holiday; I always think it is important to plan how you will look after your skin when exposed to the sun. I always like to take into consideration what type of holiday I am going on to determine what sort of preparation and products I need as I have learnt from my travels that some products don't work as well in all situations. The products above however, have served me well in even the hottest of destinations, when the heat has been fierce and so I would happily recommend these again and again. I consider myself to have sensitive skin that can be prone to burning but eventually does tan, however over the years with careful product selection; I have managed to prevent my skin from sun burn. Of course, everybody's skin type is different and can react differently to the sun and to different products, so you must always take into consideration your skin type and be sensible when sunbathing and not over expose your skin.

The first product is the Imedeen Tan Optimiser, I first used these pills around 5 years ago and although they are not the cheapest, they are really worth considering when preparing the skin for a holiday, especially if you have sensitive skin or are travelling for a long period of time. When I took these I did not burn my skin at all which was a revelation as I was away for 4 weeks in a very hot climate and prior to that I had always passed the first few days of any holiday slightly burnt. With the Imedeen Tan Optimiser I  also have noticed that I slowly obtain a much deeper golden colour which overall seems to last much longer then my usual tan.

My most recent discovery is the Ultralip and the Ultrasun Face SPF 30 from the Ultrasun range. The UltraFace SPF 30 cream is definitely a new favourite as it really is a sun and beauty product in one. It's really moisturising and is fragrance free meaning that it is great for sensitive skin too and the anti-ageing formula is a plus as I believe its never to early to start thinking of this, especially when the sun is involved. It is so important to protect your face from the sun and realistically there is no need to tan the face as much as much as your body because the look/colour can easily be achieved with make up (I will be talking about some sun make up this week too!)  This really is a multi-functional product as I also think I will consider using this as a moisturising make up base all year round.  The Ultralip formula is also great as it is incredibly moisturising and again it's very important to not forget to protect your lips in the sun as they can become very dry and damaged when exposed and do need extra care.

Finally, my all time favourite sun protector is the Riemann P20, I just think this product will always be my go to when on holiday as it is faultless. When I have used it I have never burned and I achieve a really great golden bronze colour. It is easily applied on the skin too and only needs to be applied once a day, although when sunbathing I will apply it more then once, as I think it is better to be safe. It is also waterproof which is an added bonus and I have converted many friends of mine when on holiday to the P20 formula as it really is brilliant!

Let me know your thoughts!

Summer Skin: Bioderma Review

Bioderma Crealine H20 Solution is perhaps old news to many in the the beauty industry and it's probably not much of a secret anymore but after including this Bioderma product in my first YouTube video haul here, I thought a review was long overdue. After using the Bioderma Crealine H2O face and eyes cleanser for over two weeks now, I am happily going to agree with all the other Bioderma fanatics and conform.  I have been using it twice a day and am certain it will now remain in my skin care routine as my skin has been left feeling fresh, nourished and much healthier looking after application.

Now that Summer is approaching and we are thinking of our long awaited holidays; I believe this could be a must have holiday essential. Being lucky enough to spend the last couple of days on the beach, I have rekindled my love for lots of my Summer favourites. Usually in the Summer or anytime when I start to develop a tan, I try to wear less make up and I also notice that my skin becomes more delicate and sensitive.  I  also become very conscious of what products I apply on my face and so in this case the Bioderma solution will be absolutely perfect for when you need a gentle and soothing product to cleanse sun exposed skin. Of course for those of you with sensitive skin this is a great solution all year round too!

My only misconception about the product is that I have found it does not remove heavier make up, (especially around the eye area) perhaps as easily as I initially anticipated. However, it certainly gets rid of any excess make up, leaving the face and neck squeaky clean and it definitely compliments my skin care routine nicely. Of course the only other negative relating to the brand as a whole is that it is not easily accessible in the UK. However, I have luckily been able to stock up whilst in Spain; which was a surprise given that  Bioderma is a French brand but hopefully, it will become available in the UK in the near future. So in the meantime, Parisian Weekend Breaks will have to be arranged to get this product don't you think? (we wish!)

So who has tried this cleanser or do you have an alternative?