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Why It's Great to be British.

By no means am I ungrateful about the amazing opportunity I have had to live abroad this year or for all the amazing experiences I have had whilst travelling some fantastic cities across Europe.
2011 and 2012 have certainly broadened my horizons to the world around me, but sometimes there is just no denying that we all forget how great the UK really is and quite frankly; there is nothing better then a cup of tea, some biscuits and a good old british soap. Now I would say the British are renowned for complaining about how we want to move away or why isn't it summer all year round? Why does it always rain.... Ok so the list goes on. But being away from home has made me rediscover my love for England (and Wales- let's not forget Wales) and all the things I miss!

Topshop - I will never take you for granted again, you serve my every fashion need and thank you for that student discount, it is muchly appreciated.

Boots- You have my every beauty need- ALL IN ONE PLACE and the boots advantage card, oh I await the moment I can reuse you.

Marks and Spencer's- Just all together lacking in my life. Percy Pigs; say no more.


I  also miss how the world doesn't stop on a Sunday (because it really does here)

Rant over.
Happy Easter xxx


  1. I know what u mean. I spent 6 years away from home and it's amazing how u just appreciate your country when u used to take it for granted.


  2. While I may not be British, I definitely agree with the awesomeness of the UK. I used to vacation there & there's nothing I'd love more than strolling around London and picking things up at Harrods. & Yes... Topshop & Boots are genius and irreplaceable finds. While I may get glimpses of them here in the US... it's just not the same ;) xo, Megs