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Things to do in Barcelona.

Back in January (wow time flies) I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go and visit Barcelona for the weekend. The weather was sensational and it was simply amazing to leave the British Winter to arrive to the bright, blue sunny skies of Barca! The city was full of people from all over the world and it had a brilliant atmosphere, the city was incredibly charming and there's no doubt that there's something there for everyone. Immersed deep into the spanish culture, I really fell in love with this city; the architecture was spectacular and the shops were to die for (to my dismay the majority were shut on the Sunday- probably the best thing for my bank account)

When I go to a new city, I love to explore and get lost and wander around at my own pace. However,  Barcelona is a big place and with only a few days at our disposal we didn't have time to waste; so we opted for the tourist bus! I would really recommend this if you are visiting Barcelona just for a couple of days as it was a really fun experience and of course you can also ensure that you get everything done.
My personal favourite attraction was definitely the Parc Guel, it was just beautiful and almost magical, it was like we were in a movie. I also loved the port, it was just so nice to walk around there in the morning and have a coffee, especially as the weather was so nice. Finally of course there is Las Ramblas, which is probably the first place you should go upon arrival, some would say it's iconic.

I would also recommend trying the paella in Barcelona, we had it twice for lunch and it was delicious and in the evenings we opted for tapas which was also lovely. It was great to just have some really great typical spanish meals. So yes, Barcelona was a truly wonderful place, however, I just would like to mention that if you do go to visit, then please be careful with regards to your belongings. There are many opportunists who will always try and take advantage of tourists. So make sure you don't have things hanging out of your pockets and girls, you just must be very careful with your handbag- if possible just don't take one out with you. (I know it's easier said then done- but we managed to do it)

As always, I love to hear your comments and thoughts. :)


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  2. Beautiful pictures! I would love to go there someday and I'm sure the Paella will be brilliant there! You are so right about being careful about belongings there because i know someone who went there for a holiday and got her handbag stolen with all her savings and passports and had to return the next day!!

  3. These are such beautiful pictures, this is such a beautiful place! I am learning Spanish at the moment and when I am not so rubbish I think I will need to go here and see all these beautiful things for myself :)


  4. lovely place! :) and love your photos also!

    visiting from IFB. followed your blog. check out mine at

    -Mish :)