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Having quite an unconventional Easter this year; I have not got any Easter Eggs or chocolate (I'm living in Spain for now) and whilst I have been lusting over Cadbury's Creme eggs, I was sent an easter treat which in my eyes is SO much better then chocolate.

I was sent by a friend some Lee Stafford Hair products, Ok well one in particular 'For hair that never grows past a certain length' treatment. Now this product to me is like hair care gold, you use it in between your shampoo and conditioner and the treatment helps stimulate hair growth, whilst improving the condition of your hair. Now this isn't available to me in Spain so I stocked up at Christmas and I really recommend this product to those of you who like me, wish to grow your hair and get it into better condition. 

Anyway, so I love this product and I often purchase it when its 3 for 2 at Boots as then the three last me a couple of months. Aside the product itself being great, another aspect I love is that all of Lee Stafford range come in ultra cool pink packaging. I have tried lots of his products and I can safely say they are my favourite, I also love the Detox Shampoo and the Shine Spray, Oh and the Dehumidifier spay is so awesome too (you really should try that)

Now slowly but surely my hair has been getting healthier again which is great, so here are some tips for you if you like me are also trying to grow your hair.

  • Try and keep the use of heated appliances to a minimum (so hair straighteners, tongs et.) and if you do use them make sure you use a heat protector.
  • As well as using Shampoo and Conditioner try and use a treatment a few times a week (Like Lee Stafford's for Hair that never grows.) 
  • Think twice about changing your hair colour, going from brown to blonde to brown then back to blonde (Like I did- oops) is never going to be healthy for your hair.
  • Get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. (It does pay off)
  • And finally, when applying your conditioner or treatment try not to apply it when your hair is soaking wet, as the hair will not absorb the product as well, apply when your hair is damp instead.
The Lee Stafford range is currently on offer so check it out here

Happy Easter!

x x x


  1. Just came across your blog, now following :)
    I'm trying to grow my hair too, didn't even know this product existed, I'm definitely going to check it out now!!
    Feel free to check out my blog and follow back! x

  2. LOVE this stuff, am addicted :)