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Do You Love or Loathe Clinique 3 Step?

I am really interested to share my skincare routine products with you because the range I use has not actually always had the best feedback in the beauty world. Now by no means have I ever had the luck of Samantha Brick but luckily I have never really had any major problems when it come to my skin. As a teenager I never really suffered from major ache but last August before my big move to Spain, I had a break out and my whole appearance was transformed! Luckily I think the sun really calmed this down but then I was very upset when it happened again in December/January, I really wish I had a picture (not that it would be a nice picture) but just so you could see how severe it really was. With this came the predicament of do I hide it with more make up or do I brave it and wear none at all? In hope that the spots will go quicker. It was a really frustrating time but luckily now my skin is back to normal and the whole experience made me realise that I needed to improve my skincare routine as I was always trying new products and changing what I used and not always sticking to the general exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. So here's where some of you Beauty Gurus may start screaming 'nooooooo' but I opted for the Clinique 3 Step Plan. For my skin type I use:

1. The Facial Wash
2. Clarifying Lotion 2
3. Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

Clinique have a series of questions which determine the products you need and this was a factor that initially attracted me to this range. I use the products twice a day and my skin has finally cleared up again. Whilst this isn't designed for those with ache, I do think it has helped keep my skin healthy and there is an anti blemish solution range too for those of you who do want to specifically target ache but do remember in severe cases it is always advisable to visit your Doctor first!
Another bonus is CLINIQUE BONUS TIME- when I purchased my products I got a whole box of exciting samples and testers. It was all wrapped up very nicely; so make sure you see if you can get the same promotion!

Let me know your thoughts.
Lots of Love
P x


  1. I've always seen these around and I know that they're quite the beauty staple, but I've never actually brought myself to religiously following its three-step system. I've sampled bits here & there but nothing has ever really stuck. I think I should give them an honest go though. Thanks for sharing, hun! xo, Megs

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...