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When in Rome.

Hi everybody! So here is another blog that I have done for you with regards to my personal travel experiences. I was recently lucky enough to visit Italy for the first time as me and some dear friends visited the beautiful city that is Rome. We all had a sensational time and it is a location I really feel everyone must visit at one point in their life. The city oozes charm and has so much character and if you have a vivid imagination, you will probably love it even more. I found myself so easily whisked away deep into my thoughts and imagining how the city was all of those thousands of years ago. 
Aside the historical value of the city; there are so many gorgeous restaurants and places to eat and some absolutely divine shops for those of you like me who simply can't resist. We only spent a weekend there but that was completely enough time to get everything done, you can easily walk around the city with a map or there are plenty of metros regularly running too.
I have added some pictures below and included some info for you all on my outfits! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave comments below :) More tomorrow! 

At the Colosseum.
What I am wearing: Burgundy Top & Polka-Dot Skirt - Zara,  Fur Scarf- H&M, Bag- Mango, Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Trevi Fountain
What I am wearing: Camel Maxi Skirt- River Island, Printed T-shirt- Topshop, Scarf- H&M, Vintage Leather Jacket.
(The picture does show this clearly but I  was also wearing MAC Dark-Side Lipstick)

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