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A touch of Paris - Fallas Part II

So I just wanted to do one more blog on Fallas seeing as it has practically ruled my life for the last 6 days! It has been spectacular, there is no denying that and I really think if Spain put this much preparation and effort into how they run the country- well they could rule the world! I'm kind of sad that Fallas is over, all the lights will come down, all the crazy Fallas monuments are burnt away and when everyone goes back to work tomorrow the city will look as if nothing had ever happened... as if it all were part of a bizarre yet magical dream. 
The Eiffel Tower

Sensational Moulan Rouge Fallas

For more on my Fallas celebrations read my previous blog here

Hope you have all penciled Las Fallas in for next year! 

Goodnight! Leave comments :) 


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