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Magical Madrid

Today has been a very long day. I Started feeling a bit nostalgic looking over old photographs too, so for today I have written some recommendations of what to do if you are visiting Madrid. I also included some pictures of when I went in December! More Tomorrow!


  1. I am following u!Follow me back...thanks

  2. Hot chocolates looks so good!

  3. I would also recommend eating a tortilla!! Great blog Phoebe. Looking forward to see more posts.


  4. Yay, my city! It's Puerta del Sol, by the way. Puerto is a very different thing. Puerto means 'harbour', whereas puerta means 'gate'. Also I have never seen those hot chocolates, though! Where are they from? The traditional hot chocolates are those from Chocolatería San Ginés, next to Calle Arenal (between Puerta del Sol and the Opera), to be eaten with churros. That's one of the traditional "dishes" os Madrid, haha! It's an almost mandatory breakfast on New Year's Day :P

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    1. Ahh I thought it was you know! Google was not making it very clear and I had forgotten but thanks so much! Yes I speak spanish so now I think of it I probably should have been a bit more logical haha! The hot chocolates where on sale in the Mercado, we went in December so there was lots going on! And ohh churros con chocolate so so yummy! Well glad you liked my blog! you should follow me on Twitter, will be doing loads of travel updates as I am currently in Valencia! will check out your blog now :)