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Beauties in Blue

Two of my favourite female icons; Kate Middleton and Beyonce- I mean who does not love them right!? I certainly do and yesterday after watching Kate's first public speech I was super excited to then see Beyonce attending Michelle Obama's election fundraiser looking as gorgeous as ever post baby.
They both looked dazzling in blue tailored dresses and right on trend for spring/summer 2012.
Beyonce's dress is from Victoria Beckham's collection, whilst rumour has it that Kate had borrowed her mothers dress on this occasion, but thats why we love her so much! She's just like the rest of us high street shopping and borrowing clothes!  Simplicity at its best but oh how I still envy her glossy locks!
I love these two wonderful ladies so now to find a blue dress for this weekend, it's certainly a must in my diary!

Stunning Kate Middleton on
 her first public speech. 
Beyonce wearing VB dress to
Michelle Obama's Fundraiser


  1. Beyonce looks great! nice blog :)

  2. Couldn't agree more. Cool blog :)