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Tomorrow night is the second episode of both Britain's Got Talent and The Voice. Airing for the first time last week, both of the shows are evidently competing against each other to see who can secure the highest number of viewers. Once again the TV shows will be overlapping by 20 minutes; so viewers will have to decide which they will be watching between 8pm to 8.20pm. 

The Voice, which is new to the UK includes celebrity Judges Will-i-am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue. It goes against the norms of most talent shows as it gives contestants the opportunity to have artistic control over whose team they join if they are selected by more then one judge. The show was positive and uplifting and is expected to become very popular here in the UK.

Meanwhile, Britain's Got Talent saw the return of Simon Cowell on the judges panel and of course who isn't talking about the performance from 17 year old Jonathan Antoine 'the next Susan Boyle' his performance certainly gave us all goosebumps.  ITV bosses seem to be very concerned about their new competeitor as they have now restricted the mentioning of The Voice on their channel, they do not want to promote the BBC show in any possible way.

So which will you be watching?

Let me Know!

BGT judges- Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell

The Voice, Jessie J, Danny O'Donoghue, Will-i-am, Tom Jones

Magical Madrid

Today has been a very long day. I Started feeling a bit nostalgic looking over old photographs too, so for today I have written some recommendations of what to do if you are visiting Madrid. I also included some pictures of when I went in December! More Tomorrow!

Weekly Round Up.

Hi Guys,

So Diary Delights is still relatively new but I would just like to thank you all so much as I have been overwhelmed by all the positive feedback I have received via Twitter, IFB, Google+ etc.
I didn't expect so much feedback so quickly and it's great. Last week the lovely Bianca, Sian and Jessica  from Parade sent me some tweets after reading my blog on them and the lovely team at  Gossip Drip have also recommended my blog, so thank you!

Now this week there has just been absolutely loads going on in the press, the entertainment world is absolutely buzzing. So I have decided to select 5 of the most popular stories that have interested me in the last couple of days. Now if you like these kind of posts, perhaps I will do them more often? Let me know what you think.

1. Frankie Sandford finally opens up to Glamour Magazine about her mystery illness and why she had time off from The Saturdays. The star opened up about her hidden depression claiming that she thought she was worthless and she thought that she was ugly. Poor Frankie! She also said in the interview 'I did lose myself but I feel like me again now, But I try not to put pressure on myself, its unrealistic, no one is 100 per cent happy all the time.'  Very glad that she is better and I wish her health and happiness for the future!

Frankie Sandford in Glamour Shoot after revealing secret depression.

2. Posh and Becks to sell their £18 million UK home and Kim Kardashian to buy it! Well that part is not certain yet but she is viewing the property! I wonder if this means the Kardashian clan would be in the UK more often? Thoughts please!
Kim Kardashian- potential buyer?

Beckingham Palace on sale for £18m

3. CHOCOLATE MAKES YOU SKINNY?  Ok everyone this has really been bugging me all week. What do you all think? Click here to read some more news. I can see perhaps how a small amount of dark chocolate can be good for you as it contains antioxidants but I'm just not sure if I am convinced. I think all in moderation is always the best thing to do, so I wouldn't recommend going to eat your body weight in chocolate due to these findings. Keep it as a special treat... Easter is coming up!

New claims that chocolate makes you skinny released this week.

4. Rihanna on the London tube AGAIN on her way to the Drake concert! Need I say more... Love her. She has also said whilst promoting Battlefield that she IS SINGLE and denying Ashton Kutcher rumours.

A down to earth Rihanna catching the tube- she's becoming a regular!

5. And Finally another Diary Delight- The Carrie Diaries! The much anticipated Sex and the City Prequel which follows a young Carrie Bradshaw played by AnnaSophia Robb. Filming has started and Sarah Jessica Parker has fully supported the young actress and this project; so it's a very exciting time for all of the SATC fans- Just think of the clothes!

AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw
As always feel free to comment, I love to read them! :)

Disclaimer- I do not own and of these photos nor am I trying to pass them off as my own.

Bambi & Manson Essentials

As the time approaches to plan our perfect summer wardrobe, I thought I would inform you all about my latest love; Bambi and Manson. Now I find shopping for shorts pretty tedious and sometimes it can just be a bit boring; Topshop I love you but everyone is wearing the same shorts! So when I came across Bambi and Manson, I instantly became obsessed! They have a great selection of shorts as seen on numerous celebs such as Nicola Roberts, Amy Childs and Gabriella Ellis and the best part is that you can also request a custom design.  Yes, this is my idea of shorts heaven. So I have selected 5 of my favourites from this collection and added my personal recommendations as to where exactly I would wear them and what I would style them with. Trust me, there are so many designs and styles that you will find so many occasions to wear these gorgeous pieces.

'Bugs Bunnies'
1. Marbella Mini- Break

I think I would go for Bambi and Manson's Bugs Bunnies. They would be perfect for a girly holiday and the gold sequins would compliment a tan beautifully. I picture these on an evening out with a gorgeous pair of chunky heels. Simply dreamy.

'Frills n' Thrills'
2. City Chic

The second pair that I have chosen is this lovely pair as seen on Nicola Roberts. I think they are so wearable and effortlessly stylish, you could easily combine this with a cute t-shirt, some sandals and a comfy slouch bag. I think a straw hat would also complement these nicely and they are ideal for those days when you just want a simple but stylish outfit to go shopping or to have lunch with friends. I would say these are an all round great investment piece for the summer.
3. As the name suggests... obviously!

Now the first time I went to Ibiza, not only did I fall in love with the beautiful island and the incredible night life but I was also astounded by everybody's quirky and individual style. When I go back this summer I now know the fashion standards are highly set, so I will be ensuring my suitcase is filled with bold statement pieces just like these shorts! These would be perfect on holiday as they are bright, edgy and fun, so if you are planning a weekend of partying on the white isle then these are a must!

'Cru-ci-Fix me'
4. Festival Season

Now I would choose this effortlessly cool pair of shorts for a festival. Primarily for the following reasons; aside being stylish and unique I think they would be really easy to wear throughout any festivals you're attending this year. The simple design enables you to mix and match them with different tops and combine them with all sorts of different colours. They also ooze a cool grunge vibe, which is perfect as we all secretly want to feel like the ultimate rockstar when it comes to festival season! (Beyonce certainly said she did at Glastonbury last year) I just think these are a great all rounder; a classic style with a unique twist.

'Blacked out Beach Bums'
5. Diary Delights Favourite!

Now truth be told these do not need an occasion; they are simply amazing and I think they are fantastic and certainly a must have for my wardrobe! What do you guys think?

If you want to check out the Bambi and Manson site click herePlease feel free to leave comments and I would just like to add all opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with the brand in anyway. 
love to you all! 

TREND ALERT: Caviar Manicure Launched!

I am so excited about the muchly anticipated Caviar manicure sets. The beauty world has been going absolutely crazy for them and they have finally been launched today. For those of you who have not heard of this already, Ciaté have released these nail varnish sets in 3 different colours and from them you achieve a absolutely spectacular 3D effect; they are simply divine. Now this morning I saw that there was a waiting list as like I said everyone has been awaiting this launch but I just wanted to update you all and say that they are available and you can buy them now in the UK. I have been informed also that they will soon be available in the US in the Sephora stores.
This is going to be a massive trend for spring summer and it is completely about to revolutionise the way we paint our nails. Check the Ciate site here and get your hands on them as soon as you possibly can!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rights to these photos.
Photos courtesy of Ciaté.


Since moving to Spain, I have become a complete sucker for  Sephora products; they are reasonably priced and there is a big selection of  products and colours to choose from to suit your many different beauty needs. For those of you who have never heard of Sephora before (as it is only available in London in the UK) it is a chain of  fragrance and cosmetic stores founded in France, however, it is now available in 24 other countries. As well as having the Sephora collection, which is what I'm going to tell you about, they also sell many other products from other independent beauty brands such as Benefit, Lancome, Too Faced, Clinique and in actual fact the question is much more what don't they sell? 
So for all my readers who have access a Sephora store, I highly recommend the following products and for those of you who don't, well you should check out their online store!

Sephora's Colour Reveal Lip Balm
My first Sephora Must Have is the new Limited Edition Colour Reveal Lip Balm. The truth is when it comes to lip balms I have always been pretty indifferent. I mean yes you want it to smell nice and perhaps have pretty packaging but they generally all do the same thing right? Well for the first time EVER, I have fallen in love with this lip balm and I have been using it religiously. I will certainly be stocking up on it when I leave Spain in the summer!  
So why is it so special? Well basically it is a lip balm that adjusts to your unique pH to create a customised pink shade, it really enhances the colour of your lips beautifully as the formula is also combined with a moisture booster, which creates a really pretty hue colour. Every time I apply it I feel like my lips have just been given the moisture I didn't know they needed and it is definitely a feeling I have never noticed with other products of its kind. I also think it adds volume to your lips and if that's not enough it also has a gorgeous honey scent. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and it's not like most common lip balm pots meaning you're not left with excess product on your fingers! In Spain it costs €12 (prices vary depending on location/currency) which I personally think yes; it is a bit more then an average lip balm but I assure you it is worth every penny!

Sephora Blusher- Packaging.
Icy Fuchsia 11
My second Sephora Must Have is the Icy Fuchsia 11 blusher (which is a bright azalea colour with silver shimmer) and I have inserted a swot (right). I really love this colour, however, I will warn you it's very bright to look at but its not actually that colour on your skin unless you really build it up. This is primarily why I really like it so much as it is so wearable for many different looks; whether you just want a touch of pink on your cheeks or if you decide you really want to build up the colour. Again, this product was very  good value and I couldn't differentiate it from more expensive blushers that I have used before. The packaging is simple but chic and there is a wide selection of colours to choose from. I believe this costed around €12! Bargain.

My most recent buy and my final Must Have product is the Illuminating Bronzing Oil. It has a very light tint but gives you an instant sun-kissed glamourous effect and you can also use it in your hair too! I would say this product is perfect on holiday, especially on an evening out. It probably works at its best when you have a base tan, although I do not feel that brown at the moment and I have found it works very well on my skin. It is a great replacement for fake tan if you just want an easy yet irresistible natural glow and It is formulated with grapeseed oil and shimmery metallic flecks and does not contain any Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, GMOs or Triclosan. I highly recommend this product and again I think it is good value as here in Spain it was only €12.

Please share any other products you love from Sephora or any of your thoughts below.

Girl Crush Alert! Parade.

Emily, Lauren, Sian, Jessica and Bianca are the names behind the fantastic girl band that is Parade. Each member having their own individual style bring something new and exciting to the music world for 2012. Parade, who now have an incredible fan base have already had great chart success with their song 'Louder' which got into the UK's Top 10 Music Chart and they have also supported the likes of Alexandra Burke, Shakira, and Shayne Ward. A great friend of mine has actually worked with the girls recently in the studio whilst recording and has told me in an interview that they were an absolute delight to work with. 'They had loads of energy and were great fun but extremely hard working too."
You can watch their YouTube Channel ParadeTV here for loads of behind the scene footage of them.
And FINALLY, as if things weren't already looking great for the girls, it gets even better. It seems that it is not only just the music industry that has taken a shine to them but also the fashion and beauty world! St Tropez has recently included these gorgeous girls in their Perfect legs campaign... So now we really can be jealous! The girls have also been nominated in the Glamour awards for best band  so if you would like to vote for them, then I urge you to do so. It only takes a moment and you can do it Here! I hope you will all keep an eye out for what I predict to be one of the biggest upcoming girl bands of 2012.
More Tomorrow!

St Tropez Perfect Legs Campaign

Parade with Shakira on tour 

When in Rome.

Hi everybody! So here is another blog that I have done for you with regards to my personal travel experiences. I was recently lucky enough to visit Italy for the first time as me and some dear friends visited the beautiful city that is Rome. We all had a sensational time and it is a location I really feel everyone must visit at one point in their life. The city oozes charm and has so much character and if you have a vivid imagination, you will probably love it even more. I found myself so easily whisked away deep into my thoughts and imagining how the city was all of those thousands of years ago. 
Aside the historical value of the city; there are so many gorgeous restaurants and places to eat and some absolutely divine shops for those of you like me who simply can't resist. We only spent a weekend there but that was completely enough time to get everything done, you can easily walk around the city with a map or there are plenty of metros regularly running too.
I have added some pictures below and included some info for you all on my outfits! Would love to hear your thoughts, leave comments below :) More tomorrow! 

At the Colosseum.
What I am wearing: Burgundy Top & Polka-Dot Skirt - Zara,  Fur Scarf- H&M, Bag- Mango, Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Trevi Fountain
What I am wearing: Camel Maxi Skirt- River Island, Printed T-shirt- Topshop, Scarf- H&M, Vintage Leather Jacket.
(The picture does show this clearly but I  was also wearing MAC Dark-Side Lipstick)

I want Candy.

This summer, I am so excited to get a colourful pvc handbag. I personally adore the Furla Candy bags as they are so stylish and simply fabulous. With pvc bags some can be quite sheer depending on what colour you get but if yours is slightly transparent and you carefully select what to go in them for example, if you have a pretty diary, make-up bag, or even a magazine it can give an added personal touch.
The Furla candy bags are a  great size and there is an array of colours to choose from. I think they would look gorgeous and sophisticated with a crazy and bright ensemble, perhaps a printed summers dress and a brightly coloured blazer. Definitely a chic city look and also perfect for the summer holidays! 
Selection Of Furla Candy Bags

Rihanna and Katy Perry Collaboration

So Katy Perry has been talking this week about her and her good pal, Rihanna releasing a song together at some point in the future.  Although nothing is yet to be confirmed; Perry has said that said that they are waiting for something great to come along as she wants the single to be 'iconic' and I mean who could blame her right? Both singers have certainly hit superstar status over the last few years with countless number ones between them, the pressure is certainly on.
Perry also mentioned in an interview at Radio One Live Lounge this week, that she did not want the song be anything like Beyonce and Shakira's 'Beautiful Liar' insinuating that their song was not iconic enough and initially she could not remember what the track was even called! Oh come on Katy- Who could forget THAT video!

So no need to pencil anything in just yet as it seems we may still be waiting a while as both stars are said to be super busy at the moment.  Rihanna has just announced that she will be launching her own fashion line and has FINALLY filmed the Take Care video with Drake (which will be a diary delight!) She is also headlining at the Wireless festival this summer. Katy Perry has also been incredibly busy as we saw her all over Paris Fashion Week last month and of course has been in the media a lot as she has been going through her divorce with Russell Brand.

But finally if I were Katy (oh I wish) I would not worry too much, I am sure with all the attitude the stars have between them it will be sensational and the video will be spectacular.
So everyone prepare! -Ultimate  Girl Crush alert!!!

Rihanna and Katy Perry to collaborate on music single. 
Beyonce and Shakira- Beautiful Liar 2007

Beauties in Blue

Two of my favourite female icons; Kate Middleton and Beyonce- I mean who does not love them right!? I certainly do and yesterday after watching Kate's first public speech I was super excited to then see Beyonce attending Michelle Obama's election fundraiser looking as gorgeous as ever post baby.
They both looked dazzling in blue tailored dresses and right on trend for spring/summer 2012.
Beyonce's dress is from Victoria Beckham's collection, whilst rumour has it that Kate had borrowed her mothers dress on this occasion, but thats why we love her so much! She's just like the rest of us high street shopping and borrowing clothes!  Simplicity at its best but oh how I still envy her glossy locks!
I love these two wonderful ladies so now to find a blue dress for this weekend, it's certainly a must in my diary!

Stunning Kate Middleton on
 her first public speech. 
Beyonce wearing VB dress to
Michelle Obama's Fundraiser

A touch of Paris - Fallas Part II

So I just wanted to do one more blog on Fallas seeing as it has practically ruled my life for the last 6 days! It has been spectacular, there is no denying that and I really think if Spain put this much preparation and effort into how they run the country- well they could rule the world! I'm kind of sad that Fallas is over, all the lights will come down, all the crazy Fallas monuments are burnt away and when everyone goes back to work tomorrow the city will look as if nothing had ever happened... as if it all were part of a bizarre yet magical dream. 
The Eiffel Tower

Sensational Moulan Rouge Fallas

For more on my Fallas celebrations read my previous blog here

Hope you have all penciled Las Fallas in for next year! 

Goodnight! Leave comments :) 


Zara Love

Spring is approaching and the weather is drastically improving here in Spain. The shops are all filled with pastel colours, pretty accessories and must have dresses. I keep vividly imagining my summer and all the outfit possibilities when I move back to London. The temptation is too great at the moment to not indulge in all these beautiful pieces. Upon my arrival in Spain my love for Zara grew intensely and why wouldn't it when even the beautiful Kate Middleton is shopping there! I absolutely adore this season and there are still many items that I must add to my wardrobe! This week I treated myself to a gorgeous white tailored
blazer. They have modelled it below with just a casual vest and shorts,  however I think I will dress mine up perhaps with some bright coloured dresses or some pale pink and nude colours.

Blazer from Zara TRF Collection
Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

I also invested in some new wedges, I instantly fell in love with these when I saw them and I think they are elegant and simply gorgeous.  A tanned wedge is such a Summer MUST HAVE!
My Second buy this week- Zara JUTE WEDGES 

Made in Chelsea star wearing this seasons yellow blazer from  Zara.
Kate Middleton looking gorgeous in Zara dress

Comment and let me know your thoughts, what have you all been buying recently?  More tomorrow! 

Fallas Frolics

Las Fallas is one of Valencia's biggest tourist attractions. Every year in the week leading up to the 19th of March everybody in Valencia is subjected to 'Fallas' celebrations whether they like it or not! These big (photo bellow) monuments called 'Fallas' all carry political meaning and are placed all over the city to ultimately be burnt. This at first seemed unusual to me as these 'Fallas' cost thousands and thousands and the whole celebration itself costs millions but the tourism it brings to the city compensates. As well as 'Fallas' sound fireworks called 'Mascletas' are set off in the city centre everyday at lunchtime and then at midnight there are sensational firework displays. Of course aside all the tradition it seems like another chance for the spanish to party! The streets are filled with people and it has been very overwhelming.
I am thrilled to have been able to witness this and I urge you all to research it further here Valencia is such a great city it really has it all and I will definitely be doing some more blogs on the things you can do here! So here is your first Diary Delight - FALLAS 2013 - Be there! 
One of the thousands of Fallas.

Even Fashion designers are making an appearance check out the Burberry!
Fireworks at Midnight- View from a friends a friends apartment.
Streets flooded with people roads blocked as Falleros parade through the city wearing traditional spanish costumes.
Plaza de la Virgin- Offering of flowers
 Louis Vuitton- without the price tag!
Phoebe x

Welcome to Diary Delights!

Hello and welcome to my new blog Diary Delights!

Some of you may have read my previous blog about my current year abroad in Valencia, I seem to write endlessly about all sort of things that happen in my day to day life and so I came up with the idea for my new page Diary Delights.
Those of you who know me already know how attached I am to my diary and I am constantly planning events, holidays and trips alongside planning what outfits to wear and what beauty essentials I will need!
So that of course is my inspiration.

Follow me on Twitter or email me for any business enquiries.

Blogs soon to follow will include info on holiday destinations and reviews for 2012, the trends I am loving this season as well as beauty product reviews.

Hope you enjoy!
Lots of Love